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Fitness influencers can provide both inspiration and ideas no matter if you’re a fitness fanatic or someone who is just looking to get in shape.

A well-known part of social media culture, Instagram influencers put up quality content on their accounts, ranging from diet tips to workout videos that you can’t afford to miss.

And so, here are out top 10 fitness influencers on Instagram to help you learn from the best.

Michelle Lewin

Go on any list of “fitness guru to follow” and you would almost always see Michelle Lewin’s name included.

With over 13 million followers, Michelle could be one of the biggest female fitness influencers in the world.

This 32-year-old powerhouse started out as a local clinic worker in Venezuela. After moving to America in 2010, she became a fitness model, bodybuilder, and celebrity trainer.

Her Instagram account is followed by people from Miami, Moscow, to Cairo. She motivates people all over the globe with her short workout videos. To date, her net worth is said to be about $3 million.

Michelle Lewin has also launched two fitness apps. Fitplan is a personal training app. It has a feature to help you keep track of your performance.

Meal plan, on the other hand, is an app that provides customized diet plans. It features healthy recipes that you can use to go with your workout.

Michelle Lewin’s Website

Jen Selter

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Jen Selter started her journey as a fitness influencer way back when she was in high school. She worked at a local gym in New York City and used fitness as her outlet to relieve stress.

Her Instagram account became an instant hit to people who are looking for inspiration to becoming and staying fit.

In just six years, Jen was able to create a community of fitness-minded individuals who are there to support each other towards their goals.

What was just once a hobby evolved into a fitness empire, gaining over 12.7 million followers for the 24-year old social media success.
Jen became known as the “Belfie Queen,” for her countless butt selfies.

She also coined the term, “Seltering” which means finding the best angle to show off your behind.

Besides her numerous Instagram accounts, Jen is also coming out with an athleisure jewelry line with ION Collection. She is also working on launching her brand of athleisure clothes. It is no wonder that this hard-working fitness guru has a net worth of over $4 million.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is an Australian fitness guru, celebrity trainer, author, and entrepreneur all rolled into one very fit body.

She has a huge following on Instagram, a solid 11.4 million people follow her and keep tabs of what she is doing, eating, and wearing. She also posts snippets of her workouts on her account.

This 27-year-old powerhouse is the person behind The Bikini Body Training.

She created “Bikini Body Guides”, a series of fitness eBooks designed to help you achieve your best body ever. BBG is the secret of millions of fit women all over the world because it is so easy to follow.

She also launched Sweat with Kayla, a workout app that has a meal-planning guide. In 2016, this app was recognized as the top revenue-generating app in this genre. It is said to generate over $17 million a year.

Kayla has been named by Time Magazine as one of the thirty most influential persons on the Internet in 2016.

Not only does her Instagram pull 11 million people, but her Facebook account also has over 26 million followers.

She is also included in the list of the richest under 40s in Australia. Her net worth is estimated to be $46 million back in 2016. This surely has grown in the last three years.

Lauren Kagan

Lauren Kagan did not start out as the ultra-buff fitspiration that she is right now. She claims that although she has been active all her life and has struggled to make healthier choices, she started out as what she called a semi-in-shape person.

She used to work as a Registered Nurse and her work and poor choices resulted in her being sleep deprived, fatigued, stressed, and overweight. It was at this time that she decided to make serious changes in her life. This was in 2013 and she has never looked back.

Lauren signed up for a Paleo Challenge at the beginning of that year. After seeing what she was able to achieve just be being determined to make better choices, she decided to go after a bigger challenge.

She joined the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Bikini competition and was able to earn her Pro Card within the year.

She has then become a fitness model and a personal trainer.

Lauren uses her account on Instagram to share her workout routines and nutrition tips. Most of her 3.9 million followers also hit her up for fitness advice.

She is well known for spreading a positive mindset about losing weight and making healthier choices.

She also offers her online services as a personal trainer. Anyone can enroll in her Slim & Build program where she coaches her clients regarding transformational workouts and nutrition plans for six weeks. It is not surprising that this 33-year old influencer is said to be worth $2 million in 2018.

Massy Arias

Massy Arias is seen by many as a rising star in the fitness arena. Despite being new in the scene, she has already been featured by various Latin-American, European, and

American media outlets for her unique take on exercising.

This Dominican fitness model combines yoga routines, strength training, and cardio exercises to create her workout routines.

Her Instagram followers, all 2.6 million of them, love seeing her do her workouts wherever she is. They also keep an eye on posts that feature Massy’s adorable daughter.

Massy began her fitness journey not because she wanted to look great. She used it to help address her depression. When she was in her early 20s, she went through a rough patch.

Her brother has just been diagnosed with cancer and she just got out of a very abusive relationship. She began exercising in order to feel better.

Massy claims that on difficult days, she hardly had enough in her to even get out of bed.

That is why she made it her advocacy to help empower other women who are going through what she went through.

She is working with C9 Championship and Target as their brand ambassador for their latest fitness campaign.

Massy has several eBooks out including her MA Warrior Challenge Meals which contains 60 days’ worth of healthful meals.

She also has the MA60Day bundle which features easy-to-follow workouts that can help you become fitter in 8 weeks.

You can also purchase products from Tru Supplements, a company that she owns and manages, there to complement your diet and workout routine. She is said to have a net worth of $350 thousand back in 2018.

Emily Skye

When you look at Emily Skye today, you would be surprised to know that she struggled with her weight just a mere seven years ago. No, she was not overweight. On the contrary, she was extremely underweight at 47 kgs.

She also claimed that she was totally unhealthy and depressed. Being a former model, Emily was exposed early to the cutthroat industry and became obsessed with being thin.

This made her extremely unhappy and decided that she wanted a change.

Today, the 32-year old lifestyle ambassador is known for her rock-hard abs and her amazing physique.

She is very vocal about letting her 2.5 million Instagram followers, and over 13 million fans on other social media platforms, that these were achieved with lots of hard work and choosing a healthy lifestyle.

She constantly posts about her workouts and short videos about body positivity. Emily is very popular with the mom crowd, particularly those who want to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies. She focuses on making family the priority and setting realistic goals for your body.

Emily is currently working with Reebok on their “Hands” initiative.

This aims to provide free training from top-notch personal trainers for people all over the US. She is also the featured trainer on her app, Emily Skye FIT.

This Gold Coast mom’s fitness empire is said to be worth over $32 million.

Rachel Brathen

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More popularly known as Yoga girl, Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher and best-selling author from Sweden.

She encourages her 2.1 million Instagram followers to practice mindfulness and make healthier lifestyle choices.

Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her doing amazing yoga poses with beautiful backdrops. There, she also posts about food, music, CBD or Cannabidiol, her baby, and more.

She founded her yoga studio which she called Island Yoga Aruba. You can find full-length yoga tutorial videos on her website.

Yoga Girl happens to be the title of her book too. She released this in 2015 and it quickly became a New York Times bestseller.

She discovered yoga after graduation when she traveled to Costa Rica.

She spent some time in Central America to deepen her yoga practice before deciding to settle down in Aruba.

She lives there with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.

It is interesting to note that her dogs, Gringo and Ringo, have their own Instagram account and they already have more than 100,000 followers.

Rachel is the brand ambassador for Gevalia Coffee and Eco Tools. She is also a motivational speaker with a regular weekly podcast known as, “From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl”.

Rachel is said to command around $25,000 every time she posts on Instagram. She has been named by Forbes as one of the most important influencers on social media in the fitness category back in 2017.

This 31-year old is said to have a net worth of $1 million.

Alexa Jean

Alexa Jean is a rising fitness influencer with a solid following on Instagram. She is born and raised in Arizona where she lives with her husband and two children. Her

Instagram followers, all 1.7 million of them, love Alexa because she is very relatable.

She shows that you can work fitness into your lifestyle even if you are very busy.

With another baby just born, this Instagram star is showing other moms that they too can stay fit even during and after giving birth.

Alexa’s account is filled with posts of pictures of herself with her babies. She also features videos of her workout routines.

If you want a copy of her complete workout program, you need to go to her website to purchase them.

She currently has 7 fitness programs available. Each program is made to target a specific muscle group.

She also has a fitness program designed for moms-to-be. This highlights the importance of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The 29-year old mom of three has also ventured into creating filters and presets which her fans can use on their photos. This combined with the sales of her fitness programs has pushed this fitspiration’s net worth to $2.23 million.

Alexia Clark

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Alexia Clark has been listening to motivational and self-improvement tapes ever since she was a little girl because her father loved playing those for her.

However, she did not get into the motivation and fitness world until much later.

She started out working for a marketing company and then switched to fitness after discovering its healing benefits.

Alexia believes that exercise is the only drug that can help one sleep better, relieve anxiety and depression, and decrease stress.

She sees becoming fitter as a bonus to working out. Alexia has garnered millions of followers despite never posting any pictures of herself in a bikini.

This 28-year old personal trainer and nutrition specialist loves working out but hates routines.

She wanted to share some of her inventive routines, so she started posting short videos on her Insta.

Her 1.8 million Instagram followers are now treated to a new and improved routine every time she uploads.

Besides the daily circuits that she offers for free, Alexa also creates routines specifically for her paid subscribers. This Fit for a Reason training program can be accessed through her website.

Lauren Fischer

Lauren Fischer is another must-follow fitness star on Instagram. This 24-year old elite athlete gained popularity when she participated in the CrossFit Games in 2012. She has since placed in the top 10 at the Games in her succeeding appearances.

In 2018, she moved to Dubai and competed in the Meridian Regional. Her results were so good that she earned another spot in the Games.

This 25-year old athlete started doing CrossFit in order to improve her fitness and be able to play basketball better back when she was in high school. She was able to help her team win back-to-back state championships.

She was also into weightlifting. She was able to join several professional competitions and earned a spot in Team USA for the Pan Am Championships.


If you’re into health and fitness, these Instagram influencers could be a great resource to get yourself motivated.

Agreeably, there are thousands of influencers and it could be a daunting task to find the right ones.

And hopefully, this has been a helpful read and worth your time.

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