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Thermofight X It Works! Fat Burner Today’s a world where obesity is the ruler, and we’re the subjects. We’re not able to differentiate between what’s unhealthy and what’s unnecessary.

We think that hogging on hot dogs and sloppy joes are the ways to go. These delicacies may satisfy your taste buds, but they exhibit an unruly effect on the rest of your body.

Those jeans that don’t fit anymore are a parting gift from these foods that bombard your body with excess fats. Today it’s just one pair of jeans, tomorrow it can be your favorite dress, and weeks later, it can be your entire closet.

Nobody likes to eat healthily and exercise. If given the opportunity, I’d have KFC for breakfast every day.

But that’s not how it’s supposed to be.

This Thermofight X review is here to shake your head and open your mind. Thermofight X acts as a catalyst in partnership with a healthy diet and a strict exercise routine.

This supplement promises to display results in ninety days by providing your body with an energy boost and regulated blood sugar levels.

The Thermofight X Review aims to find out if the product works and claims what it is. After going through this review, you’ll understand the overview of Thermofight X, what goes into it, and whether it requires your time and money.

Thermofight X: An Overview

ChadWith a surplus of diet supplements in the market, you can’t be too sure which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

Thermofight X is a vegan-friendly diet supplement that promises that users will shed thirty-one pounds in a ninety-day cycle. It claims to burn those fats through thermogenesis and a boost in metabolism.

The product is also known to drive your body towards ketosis by promoting the rapid generation of ketones.

Thermofight X Pros and Cons

Thermofight X by It Works aspires to assist people in getting rid of excess fats and improving their rate of metabolism.

The product boasts superior qualities and promising results. However, you must be clear on the black and white along with the grey areas.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of Thermofight X.



  • The supplement contains high traces of caffeine.
  • Thermofight X isn’t entirely free from side effects.
  • The scientific data doesn’t prove any fat-burning ingredient to be present in the supplement.
  • The supplement doesn’t affect appetite suppression.
  • The supplement isn’t a permanent solution to weight loss.
  • It only provides minimal boosts of energy in the body.
  • Its ingredients aren’t as effective as other dietary supplements.
  • How Genuine is Thermofight X?
  • The supplement Thermofight X targets the stored fats in your body to utilize them in the form of energy.

Thermofight X is a product of It Works, which is a U.S. based company. The company holds a steady reputation in the world of dietary supplements and is responsible for products in the range of skincare, nutrition, energy, and endurance.

The thermogenic supplement ensures that your body produces enough heat that will enhance the process of fat burning.

Ingredients found in Thermofight X

Thermofight X consists of several organic and naturally occurring elements that work simultaneously to deliver promising results.

Let’s look at the individual ingredients in detail.

Chromium (200mcg) (1)

  • Chromium is efficient for regulating glycemia.
  • It’s an essential compound for lipid metabolism.
  • Chromium positively impacts the levels of triglycerides.
  • It increases the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

Calcium (140mg)

  • Calcium supports the breakdown of stored fats in the body.

Proprietary Thermogenic Blend (75mg)

  • This blend consists of cayenne pepper(2), black pepper(3), jalapeno pepper(4), and cinnamon.
  • This blend is responsible for producing heat in the body, which results in faster burning of the fats.

Proprietary Green Tea Blend (302.5mg)

  • This blend consists of green tea extract(5) and coffee bean extract(6).
  • The caffeine content helps you stay alert.
  • It also eliminates body fatigue.
  • It plays a crucial role in the regulation of lipid metabolism.

Shipping and return policy

Interested buyers can place their orders for Thermofight X on the official website. Alternatively, you can also purchase Thermofight X from Amazon.

The official website has an auto-shipping procedure. Your order can qualify for free shipping on a membership fee of $50.

Please keep in mind that the product isn’t eligible for worldwide shipping.

Thermofight X is eligible for a thirty-day full money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, you can send the unused bottles and ask for a refund.

How does Thermofight X work?

Thermofight XX Next Gen Fat Burn 2.0- Even More Fat Burning Properties Thermofight X claims that it can help users to shed thirty-one pounds in ninety days. Along with weight loss, it even enhances the rate of metabolism and boosts your body’s energy levels.

Thermofight X works on the principle of thermogenesis.

Here’s how it works:

  • The supplement’s success is dependent on heat production in your body.
  • The ingredients such as coffee bean extract and green tea extract, which form the Proprietary Green Tea blend, promote thermogenesis in your body.
  • As thermogenesis works to produce heat in your body, there is a faster burning of stored fats.
  • Thermofight X also accelerates ketosis by supporting the rapid generation of ketones in your body.
  • People who’re on a keto diet can use this supplement to their advantage.

Despite all these claims, Thermofight X is one of the weak formulae in the market for weight loss and management.

There is also evidence that the thermogenic blend, which forms a part of Thermofight X, isn’t as effective.

It’s quite clear that you require a much more potent and strong supplement for long-term and efficient results.

How to use Thermofight X?

You’ve been quite careful to read the overview and the ingredients that constitute Thermofight X. It seems that the results aren’t as effective as the product claims.

However, you need to know about the proper dosage of Thermofight X in case you start on a cycle.

The suggested use is to take one capsule twice a day along with meals. For best results, stay hydrated and drink eight glasses of water every day.

Who can use Thermofight X, and who can’t?

The truthfulness about the effects of Thermofight X is one to discuss over. Whatever claims the company makes regarding this thermogenic supplement has no scientific support.

Just because the supplement promises weight loss in ninety-days doesn’t mean it’s useful for everybody.

Here’s a look at who can and can’t take this supplement:

  • People under the age of eighteen are advised not to take Thermofight X.
  • Pregnant women should refrain from using this thermogenic supplement.
  • Women who’re breastfeeding should avoid the supplement.
  • People who’re allergic to any of the ingredients in Thermofight shouldn’t use the supplement.
  • People suffering from underlying conditions should consult a doctor before starting on the ninety-day cycle.
  • People with severe liver and cardiac issues should avoid using the supplement.

Does Thermofight exhibit any side effects?

The Thermofight X Review intends to be as transparent about the supplement as can be.

Even though the supplement consists of a natural base, it comes with several side effects that can cause long-term health issues.

One of the biggest concerns with using Thermofight X is the caffeine content. A high intake of caffeine can cause your body to go into overdrive.

High traces of caffeine also result in nervousness and jitters. If you’re allergic to caffeine or suffer from a medical condition that may enhance due to it, you should avoid using Thermofight X.

The green tea extract in the supplement is known to amplify the illness of those with prevalent liver-related issues.

Some other side effects associated with Thermofight X are:

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • Body tremors.
  • Dizziness.
  • Heartburn.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Headache.
  • Insomnia.
  • Irregular heartbeat.

Always ensure to check with a medical professional before indulging in this dietary supplement.

Is there a better alternative?

Chad As stated earlier, we’d like to be as transparent with you as possible. Several reasons don’t make Thermofight X our preferred choice.

The thermogenic supplement doesn’t exhibit any long-term weight management solution. You’re splurging your hard-earned money for ineffective results.

We weren’t happy about the thirty-day money-back guarantee as well. Most supplements take at least three months of consistent use to display any results.

The consumers won’t be able to see any significant improvement to their body’s within a month’s use. This attribute is a red flag for us.

Another red flag associated with Thermofight X is the list of side effects. Even though the supplement is all-natural, several ingredients can seriously damage your health.

You need to stop for a moment and think whether experiencing so many side effects is worth the weight loss and the amount you spend on this supplement.

The auto-shipping program of this product is a nuisance for most customers. You’ll have to cancel the subscription to avoid the automatic debit of money from your account.

After careful consideration, we can tell you with confidence that Thermofight X isn’t the product for you. Instead, we have a stellar alternative called PhenQ that has the trust of an enormous customer base and displays sought-after results.

PhenQ bottle

PhenQ is a scientifically proven weight loss formula that has proven it’s worth time and again. The supplement is a result of organically chosen ingredients that are known to exhibit fat-burning properties.

Here are some crucial features of PhenQ:

  • The supplement functions as an appetite suppressant, thereby reducing your calorie intake.
  • PhenQ doesn’t exhibit any harsh side effects.
  • The supplement promotes weight loss by the immediate burning of fats.
  • It burns the fats without affecting your muscle mass.
  • PhenQ works efficiently to boost your body’s energy levels for faster fat-burning.
  • The supplement has scientific data and proof to back all its claims.

PhenQ Pros and Cons

We recommend PhenQ for immediate and long-term results because of its organic base and high-quality performance. However, we do realize that each individual’s results may differ.

To get a clearer view of the performance of this supplement, we want you to have a look at the positive and negative attributes associated with it.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • PhenQ displays fast results for weight reduction.
  • The supplement increases your body’s energy levels.
  • It positively impacts the metabolism rate of your body to fasten the burning of fats.
  • The supplement doesn’t exhibit any harmful side effects.
  • Several of its ingredients possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • The supplement is FDA-approved.
  • It’s safe to use.


  • Some people may be allergic to some ingredients in PhenQ.
  • Results may vary for individuals.
  • The supplement may negatively impact the health of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Ingredients found in PhenQ

PhenQ consists of all-natural and organic ingredients. It ensures that there aren’t any side effects, and the results are absolute.

Here are the ingredients found in PhenQ.

Capsimax Powder

  • Capsimax powder is a blend of niacin, piperine, caffeine, and capsicum.
  • This powder is responsible for reducing the fats in your body.
  • Capsimax possesses thermogenic properties. The thermogenesis allows for faster burning of fats.
  • It also eliminates the growth of fat-producing cells.

Caffeine Anhydrous

  • The caffeine extract acts as a stimulant for your body.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous is responsible for elevated energy levels.
  • It results in an alert body.
  • The ingredient is an appetite suppressant.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous is a thermogenic agent, which results in faster fat-burning.

Capsicum Extract(7)

  • Capsicum Extract possesses anti-inflammatory and thermogenic attributes.
  • It also acts as an analgesic and antioxidant.
  • It even possesses chemopreventive properties.
  • Capsicum Extract is useful in treating gastrointestinal diseases.
  • The ingredient is beneficial for weight loss.
  • It also helps with pain management.
  • It’s beneficial for treating arthritis as a topical agent.
  • The secretion of gastric mucosal blood by Capsicum Extract prevents gastric ulcers.

Piperine Extract(8)

  • Piperine Extract prevents the growth of ulcers.
  • It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Piperine Extract also acts as an antioxidant.
  • The ingredient detoxifies the body.

Calcium Carbonate

  • Calcium Carbonate promotes the burning of fats.
  • It partners up with the brain for efficient fat-burning.
  • The brain sends signals of nourishment across the body.
  • Once the body receives these signals of fullness, it starts to burn the fats in the form of energy.

Chromium Picolinate(9)

  • This ingredient controls your unnecessary urge to eat.
  • Chromium Picolinate regulates your body’s blood sugar levels.
  • It transforms the stored fats and sugars into energy.
  • Studies also suggest that Chromium Picolinate prevents emotional overeating.


  • Nopal prevents constipation.
  • It’s useful for nutrition.
  • Nopal is beneficial for treating metabolic syndrome.
  • It also possesses nutraceutical qualities.
  • It eliminates excess fluids from the body.
  • The ingredient exhibits physicochemical attributes.
  • It’s rich in amino acids.

Alpha Lipoic Acid(11)

  • The a-Lacy’s reset constitutes as the main element in PhenQ.
  • The Alpha Lipoic Acid neutralizes free radicals.
  • It works to activate the aerobic metabolism in the mitochondria for neutralization.
  • It enhances muscle build-up.
  • It positively impacts fat-reduction.
  • The compound also eliminates fatigue and tiredness.
  • It revitalizes your body.
  • It also enhances your mood.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) (12)

  • Niacin enhances the levels of good cholesterol, also known as high-density lipoprotein.
  • It converts the stored fats and carbs into energy.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) (13)

  • This ingredient in PhenQ helps break down the fats.
  • It produces serotonin, which influences your mood.
  • Vitamin B6 also manufactures red blood cells.

L-Carnitine Fumarate (14)

  • This amino acid is responsible for producing energy in the body.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate supports the conversion of stored sugars and carbs into energy.
  • This ingredient is available in green vegetables and dairy.

Looking at the list of the ingredients, you can rest assured that you’re partaking in a healthy and reliable supplement.

Your body will only receive the best of ingredients that come together to execute maximum benefits on your health.

The ingredients are the basis of why we highly recommend this alternative.

Benefits of PhenQ

A supplement as good as PhenQ will have a plethora of benefits to offer. A reliable brand name, an enormous customer base, and long-term results are just a few of the benefits this supplement has to offer.

Let’s look at some other benefits associated with the supplement.

Appetite suppression:

One of the benefits of PhenQ is that it suppresses your appetite. PhenQ works in partnership with your brain to make your body feel full and well-nourished. The brain releases signals to the rest of your body to utilize the stored fats in the form of necessary energy.

Increased rate of metabolism:

PhenQ promotes weight loss by positively impacting your body’s rate of metabolism. An increased metabolism rate will result in higher energy levels in your body.
Improved mood
The supplement also has a long-lasting impact on your mood. PhenQ intends to regulate and eliminate stress and anxiety. It also allows your body with a boost of energy, thereby eradicating tiredness.

Faster weight loss:

The a-Lacy’s acid in PhenQ controls your body’s fat content to convert it into energy. The fat suppressant works to reduce your body’s calorie content, thereby contributing to faster weight loss.

Regulates sugar cravings:

The chromium in PhenQ strives to regulate and maintain your body’s blood sugar levels. This ingredient also keeps a check on your sugar cravings.

Overall improvement:

All the ingredients of PhenQ work simultaneously to help you shed the extra pounds. As soon as you feel the changes, your mind starts to improve because of the elimination of stress. Thus, PhenQ brings about an improvement to your overall health.

Does PhenQ Exhibit Any Side Effects?

In comparison with Thermofight X vs PhenQ, PhenQ exhibits fewer side effects that possess no threat to your health.

This quality makes it the most sought-after dietary supplement.

There aren’t any chemicals in PhenQ. Hence, it becomes difficult to find any side effects with this supplement.

Since the compound contains some traces of caffeine content, you may experience the following:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Irritability.

Some common side effects associated with Caffeine Anhydrous(15) can be:

  • Abdominal pain.
  • Muscle twitching.
  • Erratic heartbeat.
  • Vomiting.

Some common side effects associated with Nopal(16) can be:

  • Headache.
  • Bloated stomach.
  • Diarrhea.

Some common side effects associated with Chromium Picolinate(17) can be:

  • Headache.
  • Insomnia.

Other side effects include:

  • Runny nose.
  • Irritation.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Confusion.
  • Increase in insomnia and nervousness.
  • Irritation and agitation.
  • Muscle and bone pain.
  • Unusual urination.
  • Increased thirst.

All of the side effects possess no harm and don’t exhibit severe results. You can get rid of these side effects with simple medication or refrain from using PhenQ if you’re unsure.

The great thing about PhenQ is that even if you experience any of the mentioned side effects, they’ll go away in three to five days. You don’t have to worry about any long-term side effects.

PhenQ is one of the safest dietary supplements available in the market currently, and that’s what makes it a favorite among the people and us.

How to use PhenQ?

For best results, take two capsules of PhenQ each day.

You should take the tablets before meals.

PhenQ is an energy enhancer, and you may feel sudden bouts of energy for a while after the dosage. If you take it after dinner, it may result in a loss of sleep, which you can avoid by taking your dose in the morning before breakfast.

Shipping And Return Policy

Now that you’ve checked your body for extra fats, you should know where you can buy this supplement.

Purchasing PhenQ is easy, and you won’t regret your decision.

You can place your order for PhenQ on the official website. You can choose between three types of packages.

  • The Starter Pack consists of one bottle of PhenQ that retails for $69.95. This package is eligible for free next day shipping to the United Kingdom.
  • The Most Popular Pack consists of two bottles of PhenQ that retail for $139.90. You will also get a free bottle on purchasing this pack and a free next day delivery to the United Kingdom.
  • The Family Pack consists of three bottles of PhenQ that retail for $189.95. Along with a free next day delivery to the United Kingdom, you also get two bottles of PhenQ and one bottle of Advana Cleanse free.

PhenQ offers free worldwide shipping.

You can avail of the full money-back guarantee for up to sixty-seven days from the date of purchase. It includes the seven days for return shipping.

You’ll get a full refund in your original mode of payment within five to ten working days, excluding the return shipping charges.

Along with these deals, you also get access to bonus guides that consist of nutrition plans, meals, and workout guides. Suffice it to say that you can be motivated at all times of the day.

All of these benefits seem too good to be true, and yet they are. You can take maximum advantage of this supplement that offers long-term results, economical packages, and added benefits.

PhenQ makes sure that its customers only receive a supreme-quality product and the best customer service.

Click here to visit the official PhenQ website

Bottom Line: Which Supplement Should You Choose?

ChadThink back to the moment you had a look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

Is the bulging stomach or the double chin? Are you still able to comfortably wear the jeans you purchased a few months ago?

Do you still think that one cream puff won’t make a difference to your weight?

If you answered yes to all these questions, have a look at the Thermofight X Review again and think of new answers.

We’ve provided crystal clear reviews for you. One supplement promises worldly results but doesn’t put forth anything substantial.

PhenQ, on the other hand, doesn’t promise anything. It works efficiently and tirelessly to help you achieve what you want to.

With PhenQ, you can say goodbye to the unhealthy side of your body and look forward to the birth of its healthy counterpart.

We recommend PhenQ for its originality, usefulness, and straightforward attack plan. It may not possess the glamour that comes with Thermofight X, but it does deliver steadfast and unwavering outcomes.