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Meet Steven V.

SteveThanks for clicking on and reading my review. I really appreciate you being here because I know this is a hard thing to talk about. My name is Steven.

I am 38 years old. I love my life. I’ve my wife, Tina, who is my best friend and keeps me guessing every day and our daughter Layla who is 3 years old and the greatest little human I have ever met.

I’m head of security for an office and enjoy being active at my work each day. You do a lot as a guard; you walk the office to ensure everyone is badged, that no strange activity or objects are present, and more. I have had to chase down a few strange characters a few times while I waited for law enforcement to show up.

We often work 12-hour shifts and take three rotating days off each week as the office never closes. I also make it a point to run or lift weights as we do have a home gym in our basement. I do this at least 5 times a week.

The point I’m driving home is that I am not a low energy kind of guy. So, when I began showing signs of low testosterone at just 38, I was baffled.

Feeling Tired and Sluggish

During my younger days, I was a runner. I loved distance running, in school, I was a cross-country runner as well as a track and field person. In the offseason, I’d go to a buddy’s house and use his treadmill, saving money from my fast-food job to get my own.

I could easily do a 6-minute mile back then.

And lately, I have been feeling REALLY tired. I simply do not want to go work out before or after work. I have been skipping it for some days, and this makes me worried. What kind of example am I setting for Layla?

I have been lifting weights for about ten years now- I definitely know what I am doing. So why is benching 250 becoming hard for me? Why does curling my 50 LB dumbbell feel impossible after only four reps? Usually, I do my reps, get it over with and move on, but these days it’s just not happening.

And second, let’s talk about libido. My wife has approached me at least three times in two weeks, and I feel absolutely horrible telling her I am too tired. She does not deserve this, and I am embarrassed to admit this, but I know other men are feeling this way. It has to be said.

It definitely does not make a person less of a man to confront what’s bothering him.

Getting Some Help

I decided it was time to man up and head to the doctor. I made an appointment, left work on my lunch break to attend it, and sat in the waiting room.

The doctor called me back; this was nothing more than a routine physical, but it was the perfect opportunity to talk about my worries.

I had had my testosterone checked out about ten years prior to this, and I figured my doctor would have that on record. This way, we’d have something to compare it to.

After the test was completed, I got word that my testosterone levels had decreased by nearly half in just ten years. Ten years! At 38, I am well aware I am not quite a young man any longer, but I am also not a senior citizen.

My doctor did prescribe a treatment, and I thanked him for his time. I left and returned to work, knowing the next day I could go pick up my prescription.

But was it what I really wanted? I eventually did pick up that prescription, but I was not so sure about taking it just yet.

Other Modifications

I do not have high blood sugar, but if you do, you should make lifestyle changes that support a healthy blood sugar level. American Diabetes Association states that men who have Type 2 Diabetes are two times more likely to have low testosterone than men who do not have diabetes.

My wife and I are pretty nutritious eaters. She is right inside the ideal weight for her height, and I could stand to lose about ten pounds (Yes, I am ten pounds overweight).

As you can see, I have some room for improvement. I also had to really make running part of my life again. Stepping up, your cardiovascular routine is a big help.

And call me crazy, but this was finally a chance to try a Zumba class. Despite being targeted toward women, they are a blast, and everyone can enjoy the music.

My newfound love of Zumba, plus incorporating running into my routine 2-3 times a week and lifting weights has really helped me naturally fight the fatigue I’ve been feeling.

I Needed Something More

Eating well, losing a few pounds, and getting into fitness was helping me out. At the same time, I found my libido had not improved all that well.

I was browsing the Internet, and those targeted ads must have heard my cry for help. I was going over weightlifting routines for men and spotted a banner advertising this stuff called Testogen.

Of course, I clicked on it and was skeptical. After all, the internet is full of shysters and people out to take your money. I am not going to trust something at face value without investigating it first.

You shouldn’t, either. It is my experience using Testogen, and hopefully, it will help you make the right decision.

What Is Testogen?

Testogen bottle Testogen is what bodybuilders use to boost their levels and, in turn, gain more weight, which they can turn into muscle. It’s one of many bodybuilding supplements available to athletes- literally, there are thousands of these things.

As a result, deciding which one to take can be a real pain in the neck. This portion of my article is devoted to telling you about Testogen and how it worked for me/made me feel.

The goal is to help guide you toward something that could help you out. I am just one man; what worked for me may not work for somebody else.

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Introduction to Testogen

This supplement hit the scene back in 2014. The manufacturer of the product is a UK outfit, Wolfson Berg Limited. They are producers of some of the most effective supplements people have ever seen.

The supplement is crafted in an FDA approved facility that uses all-natural ingredients. When I learned about this, I was absolutely interested- the doctor-prescribed supplement is most certainly NOT all-natural, and that was cause for concern for me.

Not only is it made with ingredients and gives its users a steroid effect, but it is also good for guys that have issues with sexual health.

How This Works

Testosterone is found in both men and women. It is an essential hormone for growth.

The role of testosterone is one that helps build muscle mass, regulate the production of sperm, regulate sex drive, and boost energy for men.

Naturally, our testosterone levels drop as we get older. Testogen offers supplementation for this loss in a natural way, and each ingredient plays a role in positively affecting your body.

To be more specific, here is how Testogen helps:

  • Testogen helps eliminate fatigue we feel as we get older. It helps us feel energized and good about ourselves.
  • Testogen increases stamina and strength overall, which helps men perform at the gym, at work, and in the bedroom at their peak.
  • Testogen helps your focus and concentration stay on point, which is excellent for those tough days at work, getting through workouts, and generally being at your best every day.

The end result is that you feel more confident and ready to take on and handle the problems that arise in everyday life.

Let’s take a look at each ingredient in detail and learn how it helps.

–       Bioperine

It is a black pepper extract. It is not a direct booster to your testosterone levels, but it will definitely aid the absorption of other ingredients and thus makes them even more effective.

–       D-Aspartic Acid

The amount contained here is 2532mg total. It increases testosterone levels in men by 45%. It helps boost our physical strength and our athletic ability, no matter how old you are. Yes, my mile times definitely fell by a few seconds, and I think I can thank this ingredient for that.

–       Nettle Leaf Extract

One serving of Testogen contains 40mg of nettle leaf. Testosterone binds with SBHG or Sex Binding Hormone Globulin. When testosterone does this, it does not become as useful, so nettle leaf comes into play. It kicks in to prevent testosterone binding to SBGH. Essentially, this extract helps Testogen really do its thing as it lowers SBGH.

–       Zinc

Zinc is something we just NEED in our bodies. You can’t deny how important it is! It helps to build up your strength and your muscles, which are all part of high testosterone levels. Zinc is a mineral that also strengthens your immune system.

–       Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is an aphrodisiac. It comes from the root of the plant itself and boosts your libido and creates enduring erections by making use of dioxins to provide a barrier to the testes. Red ginseng helps in raising your energy levels and lowers anxiety and the effects thereof. It is a natural treatment to erectile dysfunction too.

–       Fenugreek Extract

The Testogen formula gives you 200mg of Fenugreek extract per dose. The essential minerals of fenugreek are manganese, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium.

It is also an estrogen blocker, and your vitality and strength will be increased naturally. Your libido and testosterone will be increased, too.

–       Boron

Boron is found in fruits and veggies and helps get your testosterone up in small numbers. It can get levels up to 28 in some cases.

–       Magnesium

This mineral is integral in the health of your muscles and metabolism. Your testosterone can increase by as much as 35% with the use of magnesium.

–       Vitamin D3

This vitamin is one you get when your skin is exposed to the sun. Vitamin D has links to testosterone production.

–       Vitamin K

It helps by increasing the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D. And, as we know, vitamin D has an impact on your levels of testosterone.

–       Vitamin B6

It helps increase your energy levels. That’s it- simple but very powerful.

What Is a Testogen Dosage Like?

One bottle of Testogen gets you 120 capsules in total. ( Click here to see bulk discount options )You take 4 capsules in the morning, about a half-hour before you eat breakfast every day. Do this whether you plan on working out that day or not.

Make sure you make an appointment with your doctor before you take this supplement. Yes, it is all-natural, but if you have allergies to the ingredients or a negative reaction with a medication you are already taking, that could spell bad times for you.

And no, taking more than the recommended dose is not going to get you a faster result, so just be patient and put in the work. It’s not a magic pill that will turn you into Rocky Balboa- it’s a supplement designed to be used around a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Pros and Cons of Testogen?

Testogen is pretty great, in my opinion, but we have to evaluate all sides of the story. It’s great because nowhere in my research did, I find any stories of the supplement having a negative impact on those taking it.

I took it for a full cycle, finished the bottle, and experienced no bad side effects. Other users said the same thing in their personal reviews of the product.

That being said, we have to be fair and balanced. Let’s do some pros and cons now.


  • You can get it shipped right to your home- free in some cases.
  • You get results fast, and there are no side effects.
  • It boosts your testosterone production.
  • Your recovery time is shortened when working out.
  • The quality of sleep is improved. Other supplements of this caliber can cause sleeplessness thanks to their caffeine content.
  • Your energy and focus are boosted. I got stronger, which made me feel energized, and this helped me do better at work and the gym.
  • Your libido and sex drive is enhanced. The powerful but natural herbs of testogen really helped me out where it mattered the most- it increased my need for sex and helped me get back long-lasting erections. It really boosted my sex life!
  • It helps you lower amounts of body fat and boosts muscle growth plus adds strength. Combined with regular exercise, the results really show up.


  • It’s really not a good deal if you just buy one bottle. However, if it doesn’t work for you, then you’re stuck with multiple bottles of the stuff to return.
  • You can’t buy it in a store or pharmacy.
  • You have to do 4 capsules at one time, which is a LOT.

Testogen FAQ

My friends at work and the golf course have been asking me about the newfound spring in my step… so I decided to compile a list of the most common questions I get. Some of these were things I saw people asking about online, too- so check here before running off to Google!

–       How Much Is It?

A single bottle of Testogen costs $59

Three-month supply: 3 bottles costs $119.99

Five-month supply: 5 bottles total comes to $149.95

As you can see, buying in bulk helps you save money. You also will love the freebies that come with your order. For example, I ordered a three-month supply and got two bottles free of charge included. With that order, I also got a free eBook that I downloaded and read. It was a guide on how to naturally boost your testosterone levels and contained a listing of foods that help you do just that.

That eBook also educated me on the vitamins and minerals necessary for the natural production of testosterone. It made it easy to plan meals!

Click here to visit Testogen official website

–       How Long Will These Bottles Last?

Each bottle lasts you one month- they contain 120 capsules.

–       Where to Buy Testogen?

You can get this on Amazon, but we think it’s better to get it right from their website. There are many discounts there, free stuff and flash sales. At the time of this writing, they were offering you 20% off when buying, which is a huge help.

–       When Will My Testogen Arrive?

For the UK, it will take about a week; for the US and other nations, it will vary. At the time of this writing, the worldwide pandemic has slowed shipments of everything, so keep that in mind if you plan on buying soon.

–       Can This Be Delivered to Me If I Live in… (Your Country Here)?

No matter if you’re in India, Canada, Australia, or somewhere in between, Testogen can easily come to you- the only caveat is that it might take longer for some countries. But yes, Testogen can be yours, no problem.  Best of all, delivery is free, and the delivery is discreet. Just order it and be patient- you will soon have what you need to feel great again.

–       How Soon Do Results Show Up?

With following a healthy diet and exercise program, you should begin to see results in just two weeks. Granted, it is going to vary from man to man, but for me, I noticed feeling better in just two weeks. I made sure to eat well and trained at least five times a week.

–       Is It Necessary to Cycle Testogen?

Nah, you don’t have to do that. You can take it year-round. However, I do take breaks every now and then for two weeks at a time after eight weeks of usage, so my body does not become dependent upon the supplement.

–       Does It Really Work?

First, I encourage you to go up to the Testogen website and see the photos of guys that took the supplement and followed the instructions. They all look great, and they all have success stories to share.

What I liked about the photos is that they are not dramatic changes. No man went from a skinny, low T fellow to Arnold Schwarzenegger. If there’s one thing that annoys me about some of these supplements you see for sale online, it’s when the photos are side-by-side of two different people, and it’s obvious they are two different individuals.

Instead, you see everyday guys from various backgrounds and cultures, enjoying a healthier lifestyle thanks to the ingredients of Testogen.

–       What Are TestoDrops?

Yes. TestoDrops are a great way to enjoy the benefits of Testogen in an enhanced way. These are oral drops that are a liquid formula. Your body will absorb the ingredients directly into the bloodstream, which gives you a quick boost of testosterone right away. They are meant to be taken in conjunction with your Testogen capsules.

These booster drops are pretty great because they:

  • Help you work out longer/harder and increase your performance.
  • They help you regain libido and help you feel motivated and increase your focus.
  • Helps you burn body fat and enjoy longer, leaner muscles
  • Boosts your energy and your stamina

I personally did NOT try the drops myself, but according to the Testogen website, they boost your levels faster than ever because every ingredient enters immediately into the bloodstream.  If you combine these with the capsules of Testogen, you are going to be a lean, mean, energetic machine…. that’s feeling about ten years younger. 

–       Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Suppose the product does not work for you for whatever reason. Or suppose you don’t like it. If that is the case, then it’s no worries- you can certainly return the product.

If you don’t think the eleven all-natural ingredients of Testogen are giving you the libido boost, increased strength and stamina, and testosterone that you need, you can absolutely return it using their 100-day money-back guarantee.

That’s right. It’s not 30 days or 60 days. It’s 100 full days. All you have to do is return unused, unopened Testogen bottles within 100 days of receipt of your order, and they will refund your money, minus the shipping charges.

There’s no hassle or back and forth. No questions are asked.

So, don’t hesitate. Keep in mind that this only applies to purchases over the one-month supply.

Testogen Testimonials

For the last few thousand words, you have politely listened to me rave about how great the Testogen formula is. What are other guys saying?

Here you will find paraphrased reviews from Amazon. I cut them down for brevity’s sake, so go read them for yourself!

Chris from the USA Says: “…I’m a 35-year-old male. Recently, I’ve noticed decreases in energy levels, decreased libido, and lower energy. I read many positive reviews about Testogen online… This stuff is amazing. I already feel more energetic and focused, I’m sleeping better at night, and my libido has already dramatically improved.”   

Philip Campbell from the USA Says: I like the product. I’ve only noticed subtle changes as I’m not taking a full dose. I only do one tab a day. I didn’t notice anything at all until my second week. Maybe that’s because of the dosage. I will continue to use this product…”

Gavin J from the UK Says: Well packaged. Did what it said on the tin. Found I slept a lot better…could be a random coincidence, but it’s what happened.

Ahmet Ciftdal from the UK Says: Great product basically does what it says on the tin! Good buy thumbs up all-day

Visit the Testogen Website

Wrap Up

SteveIt is very common for guys with low testosterone to experience low libido, feeling tired all the time, and loss of strength. Depression may also come into play.

If you are a man in your late 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, and you suspect low testosterone, you may wish to go get a test done.

Treatment in the form of prescriptions is not a one size fits all solution; for me, I did not feel comfortable taking that route.

It will involve a blood test, which is always uncomfortable but can really help you see the light.

Don’t throw up the white flag as you get older, gentlemen. We have a choice as we get older. We can become stronger and wiser, or we can decline and let aging take its course.

That would be like letting a beautiful garden get overtaken by weeds due to lack of care. Take that step and get yourself something that works. For me, it was Testogen, and I couldn’t be happier with how it worked.