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Taylorkayteee Review


Taylorkayteee Review – How It Stacks Up Against Cheaper Alternatives…

Abby What’s up, gals?! Abby here…you know I am back to kick your butts with some killer workout programs that will have you looking amazing this summer… and winter…and pretty much year-round.

It seems nowadays instafit models and gurus are everywhere, and you have to do your best to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s what this article is all about- helping you to get the best of the workout programs that are out there.

Everywhere you turn, somebody’s got their two cents about what fitness means… and it can get really confusing. Not to worry, I’ve broken it down! Let’s get started.

The Guide People Are Buzzing About: TaylorKayteee

So, I’ve been getting lots of requests from you guys: “Abby, review TaylorKayteee,” “Have you heard of TaylorKayteee?” and so on and so forth. The answer is yes, and I had a look at the programs for myself.

In short, these guides are helpful, well made, and professional eBooks. Taylorkayteee has obviously put time and effort into making these look very nice, and I commend her for that. The workouts are tough too, I did a few during testing and definitely felt the effects.

So, I give her credit for that-you will get an effective workout, and the guides are quite easy to read.

But what’s actually in these? Keep reading.

Let’s Take A Look At Taylorkayteee Guides:

Glute Builder Body Toner

Glutes Builder Guide

  • This is an eBook which has an 8-week fitness plan and other helpful info
  • You will get access to an app that lets you track your workouts and check out videos of all exercises
  • You get access to a support group on Facebook, where you can view inspiring transformations and talk to other group members as well as Taylorkayteee herself.
  • The eBook explains the science behind the glute muscles
  • The eBook also explains how muscle hypertrophy works
  • Nutrition and why it matters for your growth
  • Warmup info and how-to
  • Motivational words of advice

Now onto The Actual Fitness Plan:

  • It is an 8-week fitness plan
  • Leg days that focus upon the glutes
  • Cardio with two options for each workout because some people may not like the treadmill, elliptical, etc.
  • Workouts for the upper body
  • Workouts for the abs

Who Needs This Guide?

This guide is a gym guide- already, I have my doubts for those of you who do not or cannot get to the gym and prefer a home-based workout. This is also really about the glutes, so if a booty is not something you care about, it may be helpful to look elsewhere.

Granted, she includes moves for all parts of the body so you will look great all over, but she is HUGE into glutes, and that’s something to recognize as you go into the program.

Price: 34 GBP or 43 USD

Here’s Taylor in action:

Glute Builder Body Toner 2

Body Toner Guide Now onto the next workout guide. This is the successor to the first guide she had produced. She recommends both to get the glutes you want. So, what does this one have compared to the other one?

  • Members-only area, and the eBook, which is 80 pages of fitness plan and other helpful info
  • App which helps you track workouts and check out videos for all exercises
  • The members’ area allows you to interact with Taylorkayteee and the rest of the individuals in the group

Inside this eBook, you get:

  • The science behind your glutes
  • How muscle fibers work
  • How muscle hypertrophy works
  • Overloading and why it matters
  • What actually happens to your body as you train
  • Nutrition guide and why what you eat matters
  • Motivational words
  • Keywords (The meanings of words you see a lot on this journey)

The fitness plan for this guide includes the following:

  • Leg days focusing on the glutes
  • Ab workouts
  • Cardio consisting of bodyweight HIIT, machine HIIT, and Machine LISS
  • Upper body workouts

Price: 34 GBP or 43 USD

Who Is This Guide For?

This is a gym-based guide for people who are advanced when it comes to working out or have completed the first edition of her program. The focus here is on overloading the glutes with exercises that are advanced, feature more set types, rep ranges, and more.

This is good for those of you that want a more intense workout in the glutes and want to push to the next level of their legs and glutes. It is also more advanced when it comes to the upper body workouts, too.

Nutrition Guide

nutrition guide This is the guide that will get you on the path to eat right and get the results you want-after all, nutrition is the largest part of getting what you want when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

This is a separate purchase-even though you get SOME guidance in the eBooks listed above.

I know you can buy all of these guides in a bundle, and I know that’s how they make thier money but seriously, this is a lot of money to lay down on a instafamous workout.

You can get all three of these as a bundle for 55 GBP or 70 USD. I’ll go into some cheaper, more reputable workout programs below…

So, Should I Buy?

I will be honest – I think you can do better. Taylorkayteee is a hard worker who has knowledge of what you have to do in the gym to achieve serious results. I can appreciate that.

However, she is a young woman, and for her, it is relatively easier than it is for, say a woman in her 30s or 40s.

Plus, for cheaper, you can get some better guides. Taylorkayteee “studied” biochemistry, but I don’t see a degree or designation by her name.

And Bret Contreras, on the other hand, is a Ph.D. (We will study his program in just a few moments).

You will get a great workout with Taylorkaytee…but you should know about other cheaper options first.

Taylorkaytee Alternative Option #1 – Bikini Body Workouts

Bikini Body Workouts guideSo, Taylorkayteee looks great; there’s no doubt about that. But I have a reservation when it comes to Instafit chicks- and that’s the use of photoshop, angles, and who knows what else to look good.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not illegal, and everybody deserves to look great. However, I think that can be very discouraging to others.

One program I know of is called Bikini Body Workouts (opens in new tab), and I really stand by it. I LOVED seeing real women with achievable, realistic results.

The photos were obviously not retouched, and I find that most women can relate to these ladies.

What’s in Bikini Body Workouts?

Online Instructional Videos: You can do this workout anywhere-the gym, the park, the backyard, the sky’s the limit. The program is engineered for woment to burn fat in just a third of the time. Jen, the trainer, is friendly and shows you just how it’s all done.

Workout Guide: You will get a daily workout sent to you that will take the guesswork out of what you should be doing for your daily grind. It’s easy!

Nutrition Guide: This shows you a plethora of healthy and delicious foods that will keep you satisfied and get the results you want. These foods are what you need to shape up and feel great.

Supplement List: Supps are everywhere, and I feel like everybody’s confused by them to some degree. This shows you exactly what to get and helps you avoid junk supplements.

Shopping Guide: Forget spending loads of dollars on useless food. This guide tells you EXACTLY what to get at the store to maximize your trips out.

21 Day Booty Blast: Want to get a round and toned booty? This guide will get you those results, and it just takes ten minutes of your time every day. Click here to learn more.

Who Created This Program?

This program is designed and led by Jen Ferruggia, who has a degree in Exercise Movement and is a former top softball player. As a young woman, she discovered the importance of having a fit lifestyle and has decided to share her experience with others.

The end result is a real, sustainable program for women everywhere that helps them look amazing no matter what they are wearing.

The Bottom Line

I vote this program over Taylorkayteee, for a few reasons:

  • It’s got more stuff
  • The workouts can be done just about anywhere
  • It’s for ALL women
  • The price is manageable- just $30 USD for everything!

Where To Buy Bikini Body Workouts

We found 2 options actually. One is from the official website at and the other is via a coupon code site called iLikeDiscounts here –

Taylorkaytee Alternative #2 – Strong Curves by Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis

Strong Curves: A Woman's Guide to Building a Better Butt and BodyLastly, we have a great fitness eBook that I stand by when looking to get into fitness.

This is a guide that really has it all- and it’s by a man with a Ph.D. who is the world’s leading expert when it comes to glute muscle function and growth, and a woman with a master’s who focuses on fitness and sports nutrition as part of her writing.

This book really does have it all inside:

  • Four, 12-week workout programs
  • Photos and instructions on how to perform each move
  • Issues relating directly to women’s fitness and how to handle them
  • Nutrition plan

This book is also a physical copy, too. I love having physical copies of things – for me, it just works better (and I may be a little old-school).

It does a good job addressing the unique and special nature of the female body and why glutes matter – hint hint, it’s not just for good looking instapics!

You will learn why pelvic floor muscles matter, and for those of you who plan on becoming pregnant or are currently expecting, there are workouts in there for you, too.

The included eating plan will have you feeling great about yourself and your progress. It’s pretty standard stuff, but if you are a newcomer to this kind of training, I highly recommend that you check it out-it has all the basics you need to get started eating well and feeling great.

You use basic maths to figure out what your calorie needs are and how to count them. You will learn to eat in a way that feels great and keeps you satisfied.

Here’s what the fitness program looks like (it starts in Chapter 7 of the text)

  • Bootyful Beginnings- This is for beginners
  • Gluteal Goddess- This is for advanced individuals
  • Best Butt Bodyweight Program (This is an at-home workout)
  • Gorgeous Glutes Program (this focuses just on the lower body)

Each program is 4 weeks long, and you work out four times per week. Training logs are included too, which you can photocopy and take with you no matter where you go.

This book costs around $10 for the Kindle edition and under $20 for the Paperback edition.

Wrapping It Up

Your best bet? Get one of the two programs we outlined AFTER Taylorkayteee if you want something that is comprehensive includes all you need and is cheap.

I find the other two programs easier to relate to-and instead of having to join a group to see results, you can see reviews and photos of women who really did the program and got results.

Best of luck with your journey-enjoy it!