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Piyo Review

HEY ALL YOU COOL CATS AND KITTENS…. Oh wait, wrong topic. Okay, between Tiger King and constant news updates about the ‘Rona, I need a good workout to take my mind off things.

This is where I come in because chances are you are here for the same thing: a good workout you can do using nothing but your living room floor and the laptop or DVD player.

That’s what this review is, an honest look at PiYO and how I felt about the program from one living-room athlete to another.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What Is Piyo & Who Is It For?

Piyo Workout PiYo is a program started by Chalene Johnson. Chalene is a workout guru, motivational speaker, and New York Times Bestselling Author.

She is a podcaster, and over 20 million downloads of her program have been recorded to date. She loves helping people transform themselves through hard work and her fun programs.

She holds the world record for starring in the most fitness videos. She is a businesswoman, health aficionado, and basically  a “jack of all trades!”

PiYo utilizes strength training and pilates moves, plus a bit of yoga, to give you a workout as you’ve never had before. I will admit that I was pretty challenged during the first few times I did it.

It is low impact, which is great if you’re not big on jumps due to injury or living situation (apartment dwellers, rejoice!), and it is designed for participants to burn calories and work up a good sweat.

On the videos, upbeat music plays while the fitness talent executes the moves perfectly. You only need a yoga mat and a DVD playing device to enjoy the workout. A yoga mat helps too, which I do make use of.

If you attend a PiYo class, your instructor will also play some good music, whilst executing a choreographed sequence. 

Like the at-home version, you just bring a good attitude, yoga mat, and towel and get it done.  Your body weight is the resistance in these workouts.

PiYo is for everyone, really- you can go at your own pace doing the moves. In a class, you should let the instructor know if you are a beginner or if you have an injury.

That way, he or she can guide you or offer modifications on how to make your experience more comfortable.

It’s suitable for beginner workout folks and those who have been at it for a while.

Click here to read Piyo reviews on Amazon.com

What You Get In Your Purchase

If you go ahead and buy the DVD set, which comes at a pretty high price in my opinion, here’s what you get:

  • A total of 10 workouts on a set of three DVDs.
  • A Quick Start guide to help you get the best results from your workout, Workout calendar to stay on track and workout effectively, Get Lean Eating Plan, and Tape Measure to see your results.

The workouts focus on all aspects of the body. There are workouts for the core, buns, and your upper and lower body.

There are also workouts called Drench, Sweat, Sculpt, and TurboFire. These are all challenging but doable workouts that focus on the whole body.

And it may seem like a heck of a deal, but at the time of this writing that all came to a total of $72.80 before tax.  I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot, especially during a time when some of us are laid off!

What Others Are Saying

Here, I got a lot of mixed reviews. Some say it’s good, and others say it’s not.

I personally thought it was an OK workout. Yes, it gave me a challenge. Yes, everything was as advertised, and Chalene has a cool personality.

But I felt like things went a bit slow for me at times, and I also felt annoyed that I would be in these positions and not able to see my TV to know how to do the next move.

So that’s just my opinion, but what about others?

I paraphrased other people’s Piyo reviews. Go see them for yourself so you can get the full scoop.

“I feel like I got a good workout…Ads for Shackology [sic]…is overdone. …Don’t make me listen to you try to sell me more stuff.”

“Good workout if you can get through the commercials for an overpriced shake…. & clothing commercials!”

“This workout is a little too aggressive for me. Very hard on wrists and neck.  Changes in positions too fast.”

“…I lost 15 lbs and 4 inches off my waist.”

“The selling of things is very distracting, and it definitely puts a damper on the entire work out.”

As you can see, people generally liked the workout, but I am not sure if they really LOVED the workout. I have done some other Beachbody workouts in the past, and yes, they are pretty decent, but man, it is annoying having to listen to the info and sometimes poorly-acted commercials that are on the DVD. Some you can’t even skip!

So, take that to mind when you feel ready to shop.

Does Piyo Really Work?

Yes, however, reviews are a little mixed, and we’ve found a better alternative if this isn’t for you.

For me, I can say it definitely got me sweating. I did leave feeling satisfied and a little sore from the workout. I felt challenged for the most part.

For others, I’d say it’s working out pretty well. I mean, the product does have 4 out of 5 stars, which is pretty good.

However, it’s not perfect reviews, and it’s not for everyone. I personally found a better alternative thanks to my other GymViper buds, and I am excited to talk a bit more about it.

The name of the program is Yoga Burn. At this point, I will give you a rundown of the program and what to expect.

Questions People Ask About PiYo

How long does it take to get results from PiYo?

This varies from person to person. It is an 8-week program, so you can expect to see the max results after 8 weeks of following the workout and diet plan.

Do you wear shoes for PiYo?

Not at all! In studio or at the gym, you probably will keep socks on as it is the sanitary thing to do, but in your own home, you can simply go barefoot or wear socks. It’s just like yoga- no shoes required.

Is PiYo a HIIT workout?

No, although some of the workouts are HIIT based, like the Turbo part of the workout. You won’t have to worry about speeding up for intervals and then taking a brief rest.

It is a good workout for people who like the “slow and steady wins the race” approach to exercise.

Best Piyo Alternative: Yoga Burn!

yoga burn Yoga Burn was created by a woman named Zoe Bray Cotton. Zoe is an accomplished yoga teacher and is certified to teach art.

She is a personal trainer and specializes in helping women transform their bodies. She works with some of the USA’s most famous gyms and yoga studios to help others discover the beauty, art, and healing of yoga.

Her program is for everyBODY– you can do it outside, inside, on vacation, heck, even while the kids are at practice, and you’re on the sidelines keeping watch over them.

The program is a super confidence builder, especially for women who might be feeling a bit down on themselves (this can happen when we compare ourselves to others, when we’ve gained a few pounds, or when we are just having a down day).

The program is not intimidating at all, and you feel excited to begin the class each day.

The classes utilize Dynamic Sequencing, which is a method of burning fat and cals with an efficiency you never dreamed possible. You can’t out-train a bad diet, but man, this will definitely melt some of those quarantine snacks off!

Zoe is a very sweet lady. You can tell she is just there to teach- not to judge or make you feel singled out. Even though you’re just watching a video, you can’t help but smile as you work along with her. And if you’ve never done yoga before, fear not.

You feel right at home, and she teaches you the moves as you watch. If you are an expert, you will like the challenge. If you are a beginner, you will like the challenge and accessibility of the moves.

Click here to visit Yoga Burn website

Yoga Burn Phases

The Yoga Burn program has three phases.  Each program is broken up into three 1 5 minute segments. Thus, you work out for 45 minutes in total.

Aside from these three phases, there is a bonus phase called “Tranquility Flow” which is a nice way to end the week and center yourself.

Phase 1 is the Foundational Flow, in which you get a good intro to yoga and start off learning basic poses.

You are taught how the mind and bodywork as one to help you get fit and get into the right mindset for the classes.

Phase 2 is the Transitional Flow. You learn how to interweave all the foundational poses so that you flow from one movement to the next.

She makes it look super easy, and I had a lot of fun doing this!

Phase 3 is the Mastery Flow. Here you put all the stuff you learned in the first 30 min together. 

Think of it as your “test” although no scores are given, and we are all winners so long as we stick it out and do our best. This is the burn phase of the program, where calories are really torched, and weight loss/toning happens.

What You Get With Yoga Burn

You get that great DVD plus two bonus offers. The first bonus is the audio-only classes, which is super. Once lockdown ends, I can put the audio on my phone and do yoga in the park!

And the second bonus is the Tranquility Flow that we talked about earlier.

The price is a very reasonable $37, and you get both the digital and physical versions of the course. I like this because I don’t have to fiddle around with the DVD player- everything is streaming nowadays anyway, and this is so easy to just load onto the laptop and go.

You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, so in the event, you do not like the program, you can get all your money back with no worries.

Why I Prefer Yoga Burn

Yes, this review was initially about PiYo, but after doing both programs, I personally prefer Yoga Burn and would recommend it to all my fitness friends above the PiYo program.

Not gonna lie, I think the price is much easier on the wallet. Right now, everybody’s concerned with money, so that’s my first “pro.”

I also think that the content is more accessible. Chalene is nice and makes you feel happy doing the program, but I think Zoe is a better choice for beginners or people who just want to feel at peace while working out while still getting their butts kicked.

I also think that it can be suited for YOUR ability level. Yoga Burn can be made as hard or as simple as you would like.

You can do the move exactly as Zoe does it, or you can modify a little and still feel the burn.

Whether you are a young, flexible person or an older person who needs a gentle workout, this program will have you feeling great.

Do We Recommend Piyo?

Yes, but again if you want a cheaper, better alternative, Yoga Burn is your best choice.

You will still get as intense or as gentle a workout as you want. Plus, it’s easier to follow for beginners. Lastly, it’s cheaper, and a TON of fun to do.

So, will you try Yoga Burn? Let us know…. And show us some before and after pics!