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Yasfa Another fad diet??? Or, is Noom something totally different?…could this be a total game changer? Read my in-depth review where I share my thoughts and opinions on Noom – the diet, the app, everything you need to know…

In this Noom review, I’ll tell you what you need to know, my personal opinion, and compare it with the popular Weight Watchers and other apps.

Let’s get started…

What Is Noom and How Does It Work

There are so many weight loss apps out there, so what makes Noom any different?

Think of Noom as a bit of a weight loss coach app, it’s available for both iOs and Android phones.

Chances are if you’re using a fitness or health tracker, it will sync with Noom. That’s how popular Noom is.

The founder of the program says Noom stands for moon spelled backward.

His thoughts are that the moon is always there for you when you are lost, as a quiet guide. And the methodology behind this weight loss app reflects this.

This is not a lose-weight-right-now, we-don’t-care-about-the-later type of system like most weight loss programs.

This program will help you set and work towards a realistic goal. It’s designed to make sure you achieve that goal in a healthy, sustainable way.

Noom was designed for anyone and everyone looking to get fit for good or lose weight for good. You will initially work towards achieving your chosen goal. But the program is designed to teach you to ultimately live healthier.

Yes, Noom comes with all the standard features that most popular weight loss apps will have. You can log your food, weight, age, and exercise each day.

You can also search for ready-made recipes that suit your needs. But then it adds some funky stuff to the standard parcel.

noom screenshot

Noom sets you up with a personalized plan. It tailors this using your starting stats, goal, and the amount of effort you’re willing to put in.

Once you have your plan, Noom will assign you an expert goal coach. You also get to join a group chat with a group coach moderator.

The program also has an interesting new approach to categorizing food. As you log your food, you’ll notice it’s color-coded.

Green is the healthiest with low-calorie density, and most fruits and veggies will go here.

Red is all the rich, calorie-dense foods like chocolate and juices.

Yellow is in between the two.

As a side note, Noom has options to record blood glucose and pressure so anyone suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes, for example, will benefit from this. Noom even has a separate program aimed specifically at people dealing with diabetes.

All these features are great on their own and add value to the program. But what really makes Noom special is the behavior change education module.

Noom slowly nudges you towards building positive, permanent changes in your mind. And this is what the program is all about.

Noom isn’t about following some crazy fad diet or workout plan. It’s about being and staying motivated. It focuses on getting you to build positive, healthy habits.

Ultimately, it’s the way we think and feel about food and exercise that define our health. Noom helps you to transform your busy lifestyle into a healthier one and gets you back in shape.

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Let’s Talk About The Noom Pricing…

Before offering you any payment options, Noom will put you through a quiz. Your answers to this quiz will determine your personalized plan.

Besides giving some basic stats about yourself, you get to set your goals. You also get to choose how fast or slow you want to go with getting to those goals.

Noom also asks you about your current lifestyle and habits before deciding on the best plan for you.

Once you complete the quiz, Noom will set up a plan customized to your particular needs. Plans vary from as short as one month up to four months.

Generally, Noom insists on healthy weight loss, not a crash diet. So the more weight you want to lose, the longer your program will be…

  • A monthly plan will cost you $59.
  • Two months of Noom come for $99
  • 4-month subscription will cost you $129

Things can get expensive if you sign up for one plan and then decide to continue with another. Noom has a solution for long-term users, offering yearly subscriptions which start at $199. I

f you think about it, this is way cheaper than visiting certified nutritionists and personal trainers.

With its one-on-one coach, group support, and emphasis on building good habits, Noom offers a lot. Many agree that this is a method that will achieve results.

All you need is a little motivation and willingness to change. But if you’re still not sure you’re willing to commit, go for the 14-day trial. For just $1, you get to try all the features of the app.

You can use the time to use the app and see if you’re really ready to make a change in your life. Noom wants you to succeed and says things honestly.

If you can’t give them 5 minutes of your day, then don’t waste your time or theirs.

How It’s Different to WeightWatchers and Others

Noom is often compared to other popular weight loss apps like Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal.

Is there really a difference? At first glance, many of the features seem similar to those of Weight Watchers and other like apps.

While it’s true that Noom shares some features with other weight loss apps, there is still a big difference. Take calorie counting, for example.

WeightWatchers, MyFitnessPal, and a host of other weight loss apps all count calories. But research shows Noom has the most accurate caloric food database.

Its partnership with Novo Nordisk and the CDC contributes to this claim.

Noom also categorizes foods differently than Weight Watchers. It has a unique color-coding system for foods, from green for great to red for don’t-eat-too-frequently.

You will notice this coding every time you log whatever you’ve consumed. Weight Watchers, on the other hand, uses a point system.

Noom Makes It Easier…

Noom app

With Noom, you can see which foods are which even after your subscription is done. You keep your new-found knowledge for life.

So even after you’re done with your program, you can still keep eating healthy.

With Weight Watchers, you need to keep a lifelong subscription going to keep using their points system.

So either you keep paying, or you potentially gain back the weight. And let me tell you, that is not fun trying to get it off again.

Weight Watchers puts food and activity first. It’s all about logging how many calories you consume and when, and how much exercise you’re putting in.

Noom agrees that counting calories and exercising are an important part of losing weight. But it also (very rightly) points out that long-lasting results require a different tactic.

So Noom’s approach is entirely different, it puts a lot of emphasis on the psychological aspect of food and activity.

How you relate to eating and exercise, mentally and emotionally, really matters. It is this relationship that will determine what happens after your weight loss program is done.

You will make positive, permanent psychological changes and stay healthy. Or you’ll slide back downhill into negative habits that put the weight right back on.

You need to change your habits to keep on effortlessly making the right eating and exercising decisions. And the way you do this is by adjusting your psych.

This takes some doing, and will not happen overnight. You can use all the help that you can get here.

And helping you to form those good, positive habits is what makes Noom better than Weight Watchers. Bit by little bit, Noom will introduce you to new, healthier ways of thinking and doing things.

Every single day, Noom will give you something to help you re-learn to love yourself while teaching you skills that will stick with you even after you stop using the program.

Making real, positive changes is not a joke. It’s easy to cheat yourself with flimsy excuses.  And this is where Noom’s coaching comes in.

You have a real-world, human goal coach. Already a dietitian, personal trainer, or maybe physiologist, they will have completed Noom’s training course for coaches too. They will offer non-judgemental, positive advice, and help you keep it real.

Noom also has a group coaching module.

Here you’ll be placed with like-minded Noomers working towards similar goals and facing similar challenges.

You can participate as little or as much as you like. But this is a great way to get and offer support and stay motivated.

WeightWatchers recently introduced a coaching program too, but Noom’s, in my opinion, is better.

In WeightWatchers, the coaching is done by WW members that have achieved success. They try to keep you motivated by sharing their own experiences and what worked for them. But their issues and problems may not at all relate to yours.

Noom has people that are there for you, and to work with you on your goal. Every week your coach will talk to you and help you set realistic, measurable incremental goals. This really helps to hold yourself accountable and ultimately reach your final goal.

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Does Noom Actually Work?

Basing on the huge number of positive reviews from people of all ages and lifestyles, yes. Noom is a very popular program, and many people have gotten amazing results from doing the program.

For so many of us, losing weight has been what seems to be an impossible battle. We struggle to stick to some impossible diet and force ourselves to go to the gym with no results.

We then beat ourselves up about it and end up anxious, stressed, and plain tired.

Noom’s gentle behavior change approach has worked wonders for men and women. Many of us feel depressed and insecure about our weight.

We only care about how other people perceive us. We flip through magazines wishing we looked like that buff dude or impossibly skinny model.

We forget that ultimately, our health is more important than looks. Noom has brought many users to just this realization.

After just a couple of weeks of using Noom, you will feel like a different person. Noom reminds you that your health always comes first. It reminds you to love you for yourself.

It helps you find what makes you feel healthy, not just what makes you look healthy. And it does this by showing you what works and why, gradually, one step at a time. You really don’t feel pressured.

Instead of setting strict meal plans and exercise routines, Noom takes a gentle approach. It only asks for 5 minutes of your time a day. You get to choose what and when to eat and when to be active.

Noom will not force you to stick to any specific meal plan. The meal plans are there, but optional. You’re free to follow any diet you like, be it keto or paleo or something else.

But your calorie count at the end of the day may surprise you and get you thinking. That’s when Noom will give you a useful little nugget to overcome those impulses and cravings.

Through it all, Noom is there to nudge you towards changing your habits into healthier ones. And consistent, non-judgemental support from your coach will help you stay positive and realistic.

In a few months, Noom will teach you much about your body and your eating habits. It will slowly but steadily push you towards building healthy habits.

Noom aims to teach you skills that you can use even after you’re done with the app. The idea is that you use the program once but keep the benefits for life. And that’s what really makes it work.

Noom teaches you to turn healthy, positive habits into an effortless lifestyle.

What to Expect While Following Noom

The first step with Noom is taking their quiz. Noom will ask you what your major goal is: getting fit or losing weight.

It will also ask you for basics like your age range, current weight, height, and sex. Then it will want to know your current food and activity habits.

Do you eat regularly?

What kind of foods do you usually eat?

Do you exercise frequently, or are you a couch potato?

It will also check to see if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or limitations. Using all this info, Noom will suggest a weight loss program for you.

Noom generally works on the principle that in one week, you need to lose one to two pounds. More than this, and it could become unhealthy. Less, and you will not see results fast enough.

When you get into the app, you can see your calorie allowance and consumption for the day. What you answered in the quiz will determine how many calories you can eat daily.

The home page gives you a set of tasks for the day. And each day, Noom will give you one useful piece of information about eating, exercising, and staying healthy.

These little nuggets will help you understand why healthy habits are actually healthy. That way, your mind is more likely to engage, and you will stick with the habit.

Noom will give you some time to check out the app and find your way around.

There is a friendly help section if you get lost. After a few days of getting used to the app, you will be introduced to the Goal Specialist.

This is your personal one-on-one coach, and they will be with you the entire program.

Two weeks into your program, you’ll be introduced to group chat. You’ll join a group of like-minded Noomers where you’ll be able to support and help each other.

If you prefer to go it alone, you can ignore this feature completely. It’s not compulsory. But for many, this is a great way of staying focused and motivated.

To keep that motivation going, Noom will give you daily quizzes. They are based on the daily snippets of useful info Noom gives you to chew on.

The quizzes are light and fun and will test what you’ve learned so far. Throughout the entire process, you’ll be recording your weight and watching your goals.

Your coach will be there to encourage you and give you real, practical advice. They will engage with you on a weekly basis and help you set smaller, intermediate goals.

These are helpful, friendly, professional folk and will do their best to see you to your end goal.

If you commit to the program and hold yourself accountable, you can expect to achieve your goal. Yes, you need to commit.

But no one can do that for you except you. People typically lose at least one pound a week with Noom, sometimes two. Noom will keep you engaged and steadily working throughout.

By the time you get to the end of your program, you’ll be looking and feeling great.

Pros of Noom
  • Huge food database
  • One-on-one weight loss coaching
  • Free trial
  • Proven long-term weight loss
  • No fad diets

Cons of Noom

  • Can get expensive
  • Constant food tracking can get cumbersome
  • Canceling the subscription is a bother

Where to Buy

To sign up for the program, go to The website will walk you through the start-up quiz before suggesting a personalised plan.

Currently, a one-month subscription costs $59.

Two months go for $99, and a four-month plan costs $129.

You can also go for the annual membership, billed at $199. If you plan to stick with Noom long-term, this is definitely the most affordable option.

If you just want to test the product before you commit, Noom offers a 14-day trial. The trial unlocks all of Noom’s features, and you can test everything out.

It only costs $1, and you can cancel at any time. The trial is a great way to get into Noom.

You really have nothing to lose but weight.

If you do decide you would like to go ahead with your subscription, it will bill you for your entire plan in a one-time payment.

Noom offers various payment options, and you can access your program immediately.

You can unsubscribe from any of Noom’s plans at any time. The process is not automatic, though. You need to contact your personal coach and make the request.


How much does Noom cost per month?
It depends on your subscription plan. A single month costs $59, two months go for $99. Four months will set you back $129, while one year costs $199.
How is Noom different than Weight Watchers?
Noom offers a much better coaching experience than WW. It also focuses on behavioral change, not just counting calories, and doing exercise. And foods are categorized differently in Noom.
Does Noom give you meal plans?
Meal plans are an optional add-on. Otherwise, Noom doesn’t tell you what to eat.
How does Noom categorize food?
All food is labeled green, yellow, or red. Green is the healthiest with the lowest calorie densities. Red is all the rich, calorie-dense stuff like chocolate. Yellow is in between the two.
Is Noom hard to cancel?
No, but you do have to personally request it through your coach.
Can Noom be keto?
You choose your foods with Noom. You can use Noom and still follow any specific diet you like. Vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, and any other diets are possible. It’s your choice.
Is Noom Worth It?
Noom is a great program for anyone wanting to lose weight for good. It doesn’t just focus on diet and exercise. It teaches you healthy, positive habits.These will stick with you and effortlessly keep the weight down even after you stop using Noom. And that’s the whole point. Pay for the program once, use the results for life.

This is a great weight loss program with plenty of positive reviews. Sign up for your free trial at