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Lipozene Review- Do These Weight Loss Pills Actually Work?

Thinking about buying Lipozene?

I am going to ask you to wait just a few moments. I HIGHLY encourage you to read this review before you go spending any money.

Yeah, I know. The reviews are great; it’s an Amazon’s Choice, and so on and so forth.

But what if I told you I had tried both Lipozene AND my alternative, and I was surprised to find the latter worked much better?

Hey, you might be skeptical, and that’s OK. But please read- I could save you some money AND get you the results you want.

My Name Is Emily….

Emily …In this review, I will take you through my experiences using Lipozene and the great alternative. Lipozene is a popular weight loss pill that I decided to try two months ago.

We will start with my story, or why I began taking Lipozene in the first place, tell you what I found out about the supplement and my opinion on whether or not you should take them.

I will also tell you what I am doing right now to help me drop 13 lbs in a single month without doing much of anything!

My Story – Why I Started Taking Lipozene…

Here is my story- maybe you will see yourself in my story, too.

The Cruise

My mom announced we were going on a family cruise. Her boyfriend, my two siblings, and their kids, plus my cousins that live out of state, were going on this spectacular Bahamas cruise. I was elated! The week would begin with a few days in Miami on the beach, and then we’d embark on the Grand Bahamas.

This meant fun, family, and heaps of photos to be taken as we had a blast. It also meant I’d have to wear a swimsuit. We live in New Jersey- we only wear swimsuits a few months out of the year!

I knew I had to slim down a bit before that cruise. At 5’ 4” and 160 lbs., there was room for improvement.

But how was I going to squash those food cravings? And how to say no to the donuts the office manager always brought for us on Fridays? The catered lunches we got whenever we landed a new contract?

This is where my research began.

Lipozene: The Answer to My Problem?

A Facebook friend posted some before and after photos where they lost 50 lbs. from taking a supplement called Lipozene. She looked great, so I read some more.

The supplement claimed it could help you suppress your appetite and help you slim down without doing much of anything.

This was fine; I had already begun taking three-mile treadmill walks each day and opting for oats instead of my egg-sandwich with iced, sweetened coffee each day for breakfast at the cafeteria. I’d cut out a bundle of processed foods and started drinking TONS of water every day.

I figured with my new healthy choices plus exercise and these pills, I’d be off to a great start.

What I Discovered & Why I Stopped Taking Them…

The pills arrived at my door in a plain box. I opened them up and read the instructions and began taking as directed.

I had visions in my head of “forgetting to eat” as some reviewers claimed, being able to go all day on nothing but healthy snacks and water, enjoying a wholesome dinner in the evening hours, and becoming a slim woman.

However, NONE of that occurred. The donuts on Friday looked just as appealing as they always did. Pizza was brought in as a treat, and of course, I had a piece. I was working out and eating well 75% of the time, but the scale was NOT moving.

I figured it must be something I was doing wrong, so I went online to get some help and ideas about working out and eating better. I soon discovered other people were going through the same issues I was- not getting any results despite working hard.

Here are some examples:

“I followed the label to the letter and didn’t lose a pound.”

“I don’t see any results.”

“This is all hype- did nothing to help me lose the weight.”

I was already three weeks in and not seeing ANY results. This was doing nothing except making me angry and a bit upset about the money I’d wasted. I cut my losses and decided it was time to go back to the drawing board.

I’m really glad I stuck with it because wait till you see my results next!

What I’m Doing – How I Lost 13lbs And Feeling Great!!

I was really bummed out about seeing no results with Lipozene. I had such high hopes for this product- I was finally going to lose that weight, feel amazing, and look good for my cruise and much more to come.

I nearly gave up after seeing no results with Lipozene. I would just wear a tee-shirt over my swimsuit, I reasoned.

I recalled seeing these people in the Lipozene reviews mention a product called “PhenQ.” I had written it down, so I went back to it and decided to give it a shot- one more try just to see what I could do.

What A Surprise…

I have been taking PhenQ for three weeks and two days, and EPIC results so far.

I have lost 13 lbs., which I know is not a heck of a lot, but to me, it’s huge. I can really feel it in my jeans and work slacks. Even my knees feel lighter.

I feel a lot better about myself, and the PhenQ has encouraged me to keep up my health kick. I don’t want donuts. I want a slim body! I don’t want sweetened coffee – I prefer a nice cup of tea with a bit of honey now.

I can see it in the mirror. The results are amazing, and I don’t have hardly any cravings. I crave wholesome food now, and my mood is better, too! I feel good inside and out.

My energy level is through the roof. My three-mile walks are still part of my day, but now I also do Zumba, light jogging, and plyometric workouts.

These pills are MUCH better than Lipozene. They are one of the top weight loss pills on the market and, in my opinion, are much better than Lipozene. I am going to lose another 8 lb with the help of PhenQ and tone up- and I know with PhenQ’s help, it will be easy to get there.

About Phenq – How It Works

PhenQ bottle

PhenQ is “five powerful weight loss pills in one,” according to their website. It is a natural alternative to the drug phentermine, which is only available via prescription. PhenQ does not require a prescription; you can simply order it and have it shipped to your home.

You may be wondering how it works. There are five methods in which PhenQ works to melt the fat off your body.

First, it burns fat by boosting your body’s metabolic and thermogenic rates, which gets you a slim body faster.

Second, the formula puts a stop to the production of new fat, so you need not worry about gaining weight.

Third, calorie-cutting becomes a breeze because it curbs your appetite, and you do not feel the urge to overeat. You also cease craving those unhealthy foods at weird times; for me, I used to eat slices of salami out of the fridge at midnight, sometimes dipping them in mayo. (Yeah, this is a bit gross, I’m glad I quit!)

Fourth, you experience an energy boost. Dieting will cause you to feel tired and cranky and crave unhealthy foods. It keeps your energy level up. You will be able to work, parent your kids, and get through your day with ease.

Fifth, your mood is improved. I get hangry; maybe you do too. However, the PhenQ formula contains mood-enhancing ingredients that will make you level-headed as you navigate your new lifestyle.

a-Lacy’s Reset: The Secret

We’re now getting into the nitty-gritty of the formula. The secret of how great this formula is lies in the trademarked formula known as a-Lacy’s reset. This stuff is fantastic; it helps accelerate the metabolism and fire up the thermogenesis of the body. It enables you to burn fat- fast!

We all have a metabolism; some people are faster than others. I am 34, so things are slowing down a bit for me compared to my teenage cousins! This stuff stokes the fire and accelerates that metabolism, which helps you burn up calories and stored fat quickly.


With my focus being mostly on healthy and wholesome foods nowadays, I prefer not to consume heaps of chemicals and weird ingredients. Thankfully, the formula of PhenQ is transparent; all ingredients are readily available for you to see.

Capsimax Powder: This is a blend of piperine, caffeine, and capsicum plus niacin blended together to create a powerful, fat-blasting formula. Capsicum and piperine have strong thermogenic properties that help you get slim by increasing thermogenesis.

Chromium Picolinate: This is a naturally occurring mineral you get in whole grains, meat, and veggies. It helps curb carb and sugar cravings by keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

Caffeine: This is a stimulant that increases your alertness and lessens your fatigue. It helps reduce your hunger, increase thermogenesis, and helps you improve your exercise routines. I work out after work every day, so taking my PhenQ before it’s time to work out helps me power through those tough days.

Nopal: The nopal cactus is high in fiber, which helps you stay fuller longer. It’s also very high in amino acids, which delivers you the energy that will help you power through your weight loss and reduce extra weight by flushing fluids from your tissues into your bloodstream.

L-Carnitine Fumarate: This is found in foods like red meat, green veggies, and nuts. It helps the body burn fat by turning those fat stores into energy. You will burn fat and keep your energy levels up, helping you to feel more rested and able to take on your day.

Click here for more details on PhenQ

What Do Others Think?

You know that my experience was good, but I really encourage you to check out other happy clients who had the pleasure of using PhenQ. You will see real photos of people who achieved results that are realistic and achievable.

The transformations are amazing, but not so drastic that it looks like two different people next to one another.

It really works, and you will love how you feel. Best of all, the results and desire to eat less come naturally.

Where to Buy Phenq?

PhenQ can only be bought on their website. You cannot get this in any stores or pharmacies, but ordering it online is really worth it. It’s easy to order online, and at the time of this writing, a flash sale was actually being offered.

Buying online is smart- the supplement will be delivered right to your home in discreet packaging, and you can order single bottles or by the bundle.

There are thousands of happy customers, but in case you need it, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. It’s safe to order even if you’re not entirely sure.

Wrapping Things Up

Emily All in all, I am glad I had this experience. I feel great, and I look even better. Again, I am not here to bash Lipozene; after all, for some people, it worked for them, and that’s great. However, I needed something a bit different, and for me, that was PhenQ.

If you are having trouble losing weight, don’t give up. Keep going and find out what works for you. I am so glad I didn’t give up. Otherwise, I would’ve missed out on how good I feel right now!