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Women spend a lot of time working on their physical appearance, and for a good reason. Putting thought and effort into looking good has many benefits.

When a person is comfortable with the way they look, their personality changes and positive traits start surfacing.

General self-confidence in both social and professional situations is one of the positive changes that come with looking good, and also feeling attractive when dealing with the opposite sex.

Different people are drawn to different physical attributes, but one of the areas almost everybody finds attractive is the butt.

There are many reasons why the butt is viewed as an area which adds to one’s beauty. Cultural customs and beliefs are one part of why the butt draws attention, and also the image projected by celebrities in the media.

In an attempt to perfect their curves, some women go the extra mile.

The most extreme way of obtaining those extra curves is undergoing cosmetic surgery. Although this is one way to achieve this look, many women want to have a look without having to endure the pain and hassle of surgery.

Fortunately, having an attractive backside can be achieved using several approaches.

Below are some of the ways you can make your butt look celery grade attractive:

High Heels

Shoe choice is indeed a part of the overall look and the fashion statements we try to make. Not only does shoe choice reflect our personality and lifestyle, but it is also affected by current trends on the runway.

Colors, seasons, and trends all affect the shoe you end up slipping into on your way out. One of the things to keep in mind is that high heels are often an excellent way of accentuating the butt.

Shoes with a high heel force the individual to walk upright and encourage a better posture when walking. With this, the back of the person is straightened.

The straight back with the elevation of the calf muscles will force the butt to appear more protruded. 

It is one way of being in fashion while having that sexy bottom many people inspire to.

The effect of the clutch bag

Handbags are an essential part of almost every woman’s wardrobe.

The choice of bag is often made to match the outfit in term of style and color palette. What many people don’t know is that the handbag is the perfect opportunity to show off some assets, and no, we are not talking about showing off your bank balance with an expensive bag.

When it comes to handbags, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Yes, this black calfskin tote carries everything and matches almost every outfit in the closet, but does it draw the eye to the right areas? If you want to draw attention to the behind while still being trendy, the answer is in wearing a small bag or a clutch.

With the right color and design, you will give the required fashion statement without being overwhelming. As a result, attention is immediately drawn to the butt, making it appear larger in comparison.

Everything is in the design and color of the fabric

Horizontal stripes

Many people are fearful when it comes to striped. Well, now may be the time to leave your comfort zone and dip your toes into the world of plaids and stripes. Not only are they in fashion this season, striped can be used to show off some curves as well.

What we are looking for here is horizontal stripes.

The positioning of the stripes is vital.

Having a horizontal stripe design on a blouse or jacket could be part of the fashion statement. However, it falls short in accentuating the target area.

To add size to the butt, aim for skirts and dresses with stripes that go around the area of the behind.


There are some ladies out there who love wearing check fabric. The blocks seem to give an appearance of class, and checked patterns are also in fashion nowadays. Even better, check designs can be used to make that butt look bigger.

A check skirt is a perfect garment to complement and achieve a rounder and fuller look for the behind. One can say that the design of the fabric tricks the eyes into visualizing volume. The increased perception of volume translates into a butt that appears firmer and bigger.

Color of the skirt or shorts

Playing with color and length is an easy way of adding some character to an amazing body. First of all, the skirt needs to be short. With the length decision out of the way, color can be used to do the rest.

It is important to stay aware of pastel shades in skirts. Rather go for bold bright colors which immediately attract the attention. Once this is achieved, the increased attention will make the butt look bigger and more attractive.

The effect of color can even be taken one step further. Compliment the bright color of the shorts or skirt with a light (pastel) colored top or blouse. The result will be absolutely amazing.

Pants and trousers can change the scene

Skirts and dresses may be good for special occasions and nights out, or even for formal work situations, but there is no denying the practicality of pants.

Trendy jeans and sports pants both provide comfort and come in a variety of shapes that are suitable for everyday activities. Just as with skirts and dresses, pants can be used to draw attention to the butt and accentuate its look.

Sports pants

For gym pants, forgo the sweat pants and go for yoga leggings. Dark fabrics will provide coverage where needed while the clingy fabric draws due attention to the area. If you need to accentuate the area further, however, opt for bright colored yoga pants or patterned designs.

This style is suitable for casual settings, but the right yoga legging can be dressed up for a night out when needed. If you are looking for a going out yoga legging to make your butt look great, opt for designs with mesh detailing, bold patterns, glowing details, and the leggings that come in unique fabrics such as faux leather.

With the correct accessories and shoes, you will be able to dress these off, and paired with good heals, and you will be out to slay.


Denim is timeless. It is a fabric that has stood the test of time, and which seems only to get better as time goes by. Jeans can be worn both casually and formally.

Work, leisure, casual day out, and dressy nights all call for a  good pair of jeans, each with a special style. If you are looking for good butt jeans, however, you will need to look at other attributes beside color.

When trying to accentuate your butt, you will be looking at tight-fitting pants, especially around the butt area. For jeans, look for the designs that provide lift and sculpting. These are available nowadays in most popular denim brands.

Although the fit is crucial, details can also go a long way in going from flat to curvy looking. When was the last time you pay attention to the stitching on your pair of denim?

Believe it or not, stitches are crucial when it comes to the way your butt looks in a pair of jeans. The actual design of the stitching is crucial in attaining the maximum effect.

For a stunning effect, choose a pair of jeans which has stitching patterned in the form of an upward arc. A heart-shaped yolk seam will also do the trick.

Tops can also make a difference

When choosing which top to wear with the appearance of your butt in mind, look at short and cropped designs. These tops have an amazing effect in drawing attention to the butt.

This in itself makes curves more noticeable, and the behind will be perceived as being larger and fuller.

With this in mind, be wary of wearing something with the opposite effect. A top which is loose fitting and extends below the buttocks will place the assets into obscurity.

Use that dress to make your butt look bigger

Everybody looks fabulous is long flowing dresses. With the addition of a few focused features, it can also be the perfect tool for getting that desired curvier look. To use a dress to draw attention to your behind, try and choose designs with an open back.

Add some snuggled fitting around the hips, and the battle is more than half-way won. This combination will create an image of perfection. Your behind will appear bigger and fuller.

With this look, you will show up, turn heads, and feel more confident than ever.

What is in a pair of thongs?


Underwear is usually an area that doesn’t get enough attention. Those looking to make their butt appear fuller, however, need to start there. Proper underwear offers a perfect solution while also being discreet.

The best type of underwear for your butt is not full brief, neither is it a bikini; it is the thong. A pair of thongs is the perfect piece of underwear that can produce show off curves. Used correctly, the thongs will have your assets the chance to shine while still being discreet about it.

Best of all, thongs go with everything; just slip them under your pants, skirt or dress, and you’re good to go. Your butt will look bigger and more pronounced.

Why do we like bigger butts?

There might be questions about why so much emphasis is placed on creating the look of having a larger, fuller butt. One of the important points to consider here is that the appeal of the fuller figure is deeply entrenched in many cultures.

For a brief period, the fear of obesity took away the allure curves.

There are many discussions around the prominence of obesity in the modern world, and how the problem is associated with poorer communities around the world. But with more awareness, people have found balance.

The image now embraced is a healthy image, one that isn’t medically obese, neither stick thin.

In recent years, this representation of a healthy female body became more dominant, and the unhealthy thin aesthetic started paling in the face of the tide of curvy, beautiful, influential figures, and celebrities.

People started realizing that it is not a choice between unhealthy overweight or unhealthy underweight and that the curvy balanced figure cultures have loved for so long is as beautiful as it is healthy.

Science also has the answer to why many women might want to make their butts look bigger. According to a publication in Scientific America, studies have found that there are a lot of men who prefer a woman with a larger body – including some extra weight in the buttocks area.

In particular, the study referred to in the publication showed that men who are stressed out seem to be especially interested in these physical traits. There are many other factors that have also been discovered. All things considered, the evidence clearly shows that there are a significant number of men who prefers the trendy bigger butt in women. 


From different regions of the world love the idea of creating the perception ta bigger and fuller butt. Whether this is due to culture preferences, aesthetic choices, or the influence of the rich and famous, there are many ways to achieve this look.

Surgery is a quick and radical way to go.

A high protein diet paired with exercises targeting the gluteus is another option that yields great results but requires time and commitment.

There are other ways, however, to enhance the feature of having that bigger butt.

This article focused on tips to accentuate your curves. We offered some interesting and easy ways of achieving that end goal and making your butt look its best.