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The world has slowed down significantly as a result of COVID-19, and as we adapt to the new normal, we all have moments when we crave a lot more convenience.

Cooking and baking daily might have sounded like fun a few weeks ago, but we are all human, and from time to time, we imagine we could drink our meals in one go and not have to worry about actually cooking, chewing, etc.

Well, these dreams can become your reality quite easily if you want to, all thanks to meal replacement shakes.

Available in the form of powdered supplements or ready-to-drink bottled shakes, the meal replacement shakes offer a great deal of convenience.

The best part about meal replacement shakes and powders is that they can be quite effective in helping you lose weight or keep your weight under control.

The primary reason for this is that the best of the meal replacement options on the market are high-protein, high-fiber, and low-carbs formulations that are designed to keep you fuller for considerably long; while stabilizing your blood sugar levels, slowing down the digestion of carbs, and keeping carbs cravings low.

With this in mind, a good meal replacement shake or powdered supplement might be exactly what you need for convenient weight management.

As you strive to find balance in your life and attain your weight and fitness goals, you will find numerous options for meal replacement meals on the market. The options can be quite confusing.

In this review, we look at Essential 10, which is one of the most popular meal replacement powdered supplements.

But before we do, do the meal replacement supplement really work?

In addition to their portability, convenience, and minimal meal prep, these meal replacement options might be very effective in helping you lose weight, especially if the supplement is formulated into a delight, high-protein/ high-fat/ low-carb/ low-calorie supplement that’s nutritious.

Weight loss is made possible by the reduction of your daily caloric intake or the creation of a caloric deficit, and these meal replacement options might help you reach your goals pretty fast.

Should You Use Essential 10 Meal Replacement Powdered Supplement?

Who Makes Essential 10?

If you are thinking about buying the Essential 10 meal replacement, you need to first understand what it is exactly, then determine if it will help you attain your goals or not.

In this review, we take apart Essential 10 and the different components that make it to determine if it’s worth its salt or not.

There are many meal replacement products on the market, and each is paraded as a better option to the last one you saw. If you are not careful, you might make an expensive mistake that you regret later, which is why you need to read this review before you make your decision.

What is Essential 10?

Essential 10 is one of the best plant-based, protein-rich meal replacement options on the market today. It is enriched with healthy carbs, fats, fibers, as well as an equivalent concentration of antioxidants that has the value of as much as 10 servings of veggies and fruits per serving. Think of Essential 10 as an all-in-1 protein-rich meal that tastes great and is easy to make.

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to know that there is a lot more to cutting calories than keeping the calories down. You need to maintain a balanced diet too, and this means having at least 5 small meals every day rather than 3 large meals.

With this strategy, you will be able to control your hunger levels throughout the day, stay satisfied, but not too full. One of the best ways for you to meet this ‘quota’ would involve the use of a meal replacement supplement such as this Madagascar Vanilla Essential 10.

By taking Essential 10 once or twice each day, you get to control your cravings. This supplement will not only keep you full for a longer time but since it contains a wide range of essential nutrients, it will give you the perfect healthy dose of nutrients to keep going.

Just make sure that you don’t skip too many of your meals daily. You also need to make sure that you don’t skip breakfast and only use this meal replacement solution as a go-to-option when you have no time to sit down to eat.

It’s a good option for smoothies and also works well as a snack and a pre/ post-workout supplement.

Who Makes Essential 10?

The company behind Essential 10 is called Designer Protein, a US-based brand that was established in 1993.

Designer Protein is a behind a large family of protein powders that have been crafted from the health-oriented and seaside community of Carlsbad. This brand pioneered the Designer Protein Nutrition Revolution, and today, it boasts an unparalleled line of some of the innovations, which are the reason behind the brand’s popularity over the years.

What does Essential 10 Do?

As one of the best plant-based protein meal replacement powders, Essential 10 is one of the best and a complete vegan protein meal replacement option that is ideal for anyone on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

With 22g of protein per serving and formulation with all the essential amino acids needed by the body, as well as an antioxidant equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, Essential 10 might be the meal replacement powder you have been looking for to lose weight.

Essential 10 for Weight Loss

Numerous studies on meal replacement products demonstrate that healthy meal replacement options have positive results in terms of weight loss. In one particular study, it was shown that meal replacement diets result in substantial weight loss compared to most other strategies and initiatives for weight loss.

The effects of the meal replacement powders were examined in the course of a year, and it was concluded that the use of meal replacements could be a valid option around weight management and control of obesity.

The top reason for the effectiveness of the meal replacement products comes from the fact that these powders are designed to give you full nutrition, which is the case with Essential 10.

Essential 10’s Ingredients

nutritional facts

The power wielded by Essential 10 has to do with the ingredients incorporated into the meal replacement. These ingredients include:

Pea and Rice Proteins

This plant-based meal replacement’s primary protein source is organic 22g od non-GMO organic sprouted rice protein and pea protein.

Protein is a macronutrient that you need for pretty much everything in your body, especially weight loss and muscle performance.

Peptides and amino acids

The main essential amino acids present in this meal replacement option allow for healthy cell function, and they are effective in supporting your fitness journey.


Glutamine is an abundant amino acid that’s manufactured in large amounts in the muscles. It is crucial for normal muscle function.

If you are working out actively, you will have to supplement your diet with glutamine because the muscles use up this amino acid quite fast under intense workout sessions and subsequent injuries.

Glutamine supplementation further prevents the loss of muscle mass because the body breakdown glutamine for extra amino acids in the overweight and obese.

To protect and gain lean muscle mass, you will need extra glutamine. Remember that you need to build muscle to lose weight/ burn off fats faster.

Glutamine reduces food cravings, and it boosts cellular function, leading to more energy production.

The other roles of glutamine include support of your gastrointestinal integrity, support of the immune system, insulin secretion, nerve functions, and the synthesis of muscle proteins.

As a result, having extra glutamine in your system will help you maintain your muscle mass and lose weight.


Leucine is an amino acid that is crucial for the regulation of the metabolism of proteins. Supplementation with leucine prevents the breakdown of protein from the skeletal tissue while stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

If you need to lose weight and increase your lean muscle mass, leucine is a good addition to your diet. It is believed to be the nutrient trigger for muscle building/ anabolism.


Taurine is the other component in Essential 10. It is an important component in your fitness and improves sports/ athletic performance by regulation of cellular hydration and electrolyte balance.

Its effectiveness in the improvement of your athletic performance comes from its effects on the muscles where it allows the muscles to work much harder, for longer, hence the desired workout result.

Studies show that taurine reduces muscle damage and fatigue during workouts; while increasing fat burning during workouts.


Its incorporation into this meal replacement and other pre-workout supplements comes from its effectiveness in enhancing fat burning during workouts.

The body needs phenylalanine for the production of tyrosine, dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.


The antioxidants incorporated into Essential 10 prevent damage from free radicals. Some of the potential damage caused by free radicals include damage and breakdown of muscles and the antioxidants in this meal replacement prevent these effects.

Vitamins and Minerals

With 23 vitamins and minerals, Essential 10 is formulated to encourage healthy cellular function.

B vitamins boost energy, and it further enhances the metabolism of fats.

Vitamin C supports the functions of the immune system.

Calcium enhances metabolism and good bone health.

Phosphorus – you need the right levels of phosphorus for optimal functions of the heart, prevention of joint pain, or muscle fatigue. It’s important in energy production plus the contraction of muscles.

Healthy fats are present in this product to keep the cells in healthy working conditions and for enhanced fat oxidation.

Magnesium oxide supports the healthy function of the muscles.

Is Essential 10 Safe?

Meal Replacement

Yes. It’s made with safe and Non-GMO ingredients; it’s kosher and vegan-certified and gluten-free.

  • It contains caffeine from the green coffee berry extract to keep your energy levels up
  • Works well
  • Enhances athletic/ workout performance
  • Could be used as a pre/ post-workout supplement too
  • It’s organic
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes support gut health and curb hunger
  • It’s clean with no dairy, gluten, soy, and it’s certified Kosher and Vegan
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
  • Antioxidants support your immune health
  • The powder is a bit grainy

Does it Work?

Yes. Essential 10 is a meal replacement powder formulated with 20g of healthy proteins from plants and dairy. Taken once or twice each day, you will keep your cravings under control, and slowly get closer to your weight or fitness goals.