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Is Bodyboss Method Worth Your Money & Time?

Kelsey P

We have all been in the position of having to try 10 different diets, workouts, and supplements trying to lose that extra couple of pounds. At least I know I have!

It can be incredibly stressful and sometimes a waste of money and time.

However, I not only wanted to get rid of some kilos but also get toned and looked good for my next holiday. That seemed impossible!

I did my research and eventually found BodyBoss.

BodyBoss is a training program that can really help you lose that annoying belly fat and get you that six-pack abs that you were looking for.

Yes, it takes commitment and a bit of sweat, but it is super efficient? Would you like to know more?

This my honest review of BodyBoss!

Who is BodyBoss for 

Have you been desperately trying to fit in that new dress for the upcoming party?

Have you been spending too much of your savings on supplements and memberships that did not show any result?

Are you tired of the hundreds of gurus and new technologies that claim to transform you in a supermodel without a drop of sweat in one week?

Well, BodyBoss is the answer to all of your problems!

Yes, it will need you to spend a few hours working on your dream body, but you will feel energized, ready to face daily challenges, and extremely healthy.

It can be downloaded on your phone and used by anybody, even if your lifestyle is extremely fast-paced! Best of all, you will be able to see great results in only 12 weeks!

What is BodyBoss?

Bodyboss guides

BodyBoss is a 12 weeks fitness program that involves only 24 minutes of exercise, 3 times a week. Alongside the training, the company will supply all the healthy recipes you will need to see the best results at the end of your 12 weeks.

Each exercise is designed to yield incredible results in a short period of time.

The HIIT training, on the other hand, will leave you beautifully energized, and it will speed up your metabolism. This means that you can save time and money and relax, as the guides are easy to follow and understand.

And they really work! This lifestyle revolution is also a gift for life, as you will not let go of it after your twelve weeks are over!

Now that you are all caught up with the BodyBoss, let’s have a look at the included guides, workouts, types of training, formats, and alternatives!

Workout guides on BodyBoss

Yes, there are too many guides on their website and can be intimidating to pick the one that you think would yield the best results. However, everything starts with the quiz!

It only takes three minutes, and it will give you an indication of what guide you should be following during your 12 weeks.

Each guide is a combination of dedicated exercises, workouts, and recipes that are designed specifically to fit your needs and taste.

Ultimate Body Fitness Guide

This was the original guide designed by BodyBoss and still the most popular one! The idea behind this guide is to get you toned, in shape, and strong within 12 weeks.

Three times a week, you will follow a 24-minutes guided HIIT workout through the app.

Tone Guide

A shorter, 6-weeks long program that aims a redefine and grow your muscle, this guide includes both at home and at the gym guided exercises.

This course’s success is also determined by what kind of diet you will be following through the 6 weeks.

Fit Challenge

Who does not want to look like a professional trainer? Well, this 30-day course is led by the gorgeous Kim Lyons. If you need any extra encouragement, she will lead you through this challenge.

This package includes 20 workouts, which are 20 to 30 minutes long, to be completed within a month. It can be tough, but achievable!

Superfood Nutrition Guide

If you are an expert gym-goer, but you got stuck due to an incorrect diet, this is the plan for you!

Alternatively, if you have been looking for someone to craft a personalized healthy eating plan, the guide is a great starting point.

This guide will include healthy, nutritional recipes to follow during a 12-weeks period and a free smoothie ideas collection!

What Do The BodyBoss Workouts Involve? 

Each workout is designed behind today’s very popular HIIT strategy. However, the BodyBoss Method includes and cures four different important aspects of your fitness life.

These are combined in a circuit that will allow you to burn extra fat while getting extremely tones. Let’s have a look at these aspects in more detail!

Bodyweight Resistance Exercises

For these essential exercises, you won’t need any equipment or weights. As the name suggests, your own weight will be the only form of resistance that you have to fight.

While these exercises are easy to execute, they yield incredible results in strengthening your body. This type of workout goes beyond any excuses! It can be done anywhere and at the time that is the most convenient for you.

Moreover, this training can help you increase balance and flexibility.

Plyometric Exercises or Jump Training

These exercises are explosive and based on a sudden movement.

They can help you improve your coordination and speed, as well as strengthening your muscles. These workouts can be extremely tough, but they will require your muscles to move suddenly and with the highest power for a few minutes.

After this kind of workouts, you will feel energized and much stronger. Moreover, this keeps the muscle at their best throughout the 12-weeks!

Cardio or aerobic exercise 

One of the most famous training types, it requires our heart to pump more oxygen to our muscles. The raised heart rate for a long period of time will burn calories, increase your lung capacity, and help you shed extra fat.

It needs to be executed only at moderate intensity, so you can hold the pace for a while. HIIT circuits and training include this sort of workout.

Unilateral Exercises

While our bodies’ left and right sides are symmetrical, they are not identical. This is often because we prefer to use one hand instead of the other for daily activities, or we unconsciously train one side more than the other.

These kinds of exercises are aimed at training one side of the body at a time. If you have been struggling with poor balance, coordination, or you have noticed that your right arm is much stronger than your left, this workout can be extremely helpful.

The cycles

BodyBoss cycles grow in intensity, and they are made up of different and innovative exercises every training day. This is to avoid letting your body adapt to a specific kind of training and therefore become lay.

With the always-changing techniques, you will be working out your entire body at different levels each day.

Does BodyBoss work?

Kelsey PosingThis is the real question that everybody asks when in front of a new diet or training plan. Well, the answer, in this case, is yes, it works!

The method designed by the company is efficient, adaptable to anybody’s lifestyle, scientifically proven, and cheap. It has no obvious downsides!

Stories of users that have tried BodyBoss and achieved their fitness goals can be found on their website as well as all over the internet!

Best of all, changing your lifestyle into the more positive one offered by BodyBoss has been seen helpful to lift your mood, increase the level of energy, productivity, and wellbeing.

Yes, you will be losing weight with the guides included in the package, but the benefits do not stop there!

However, BodyBoss is not a magic wand, and it will require a level, even minimum, of commitment. In fact, the exercises need to be completed at least three times a week, and the eating plan followed meticulously.

There are a few negative reviews, I guess while some see success, others have not or easily got bored or didn’t see results at all. Check Anna K’s Bodyboss review here.

BodyBoss Formats

It used to be books, then CDs, then DVDs. Today BodyBoss has taken the DIY workout standards to another level. Yes, you will receive a printed copy of your diet and exercises shipped directly to your door. But best of all, you will be able to follow all of your plans on your phone!

This was one of the unique benefits that really made me chose this company. They truly understand that for a workout to be effective, it needs to fit in a fast-paced lifestyle, be concise, and tough.

It is easier to decide to follow 3 hours workout, but you will most likely realize that it can be difficult to fit in your life and soon give up. Instead, the app is intuitive, reminding you that your 30 minutes workout is coming up.

It also includes a calendar, any progress made, and the eating plan. Best of all, it will keep your goal always in front of your eyes!

Pros and Cons of BodyBoss


  • The book can be a reminder of your workout, and many users like to refer to it and take notes of the progress.
  • The workouts are smartly divided into sections of 7 to 10 minutes. This makes them less intimidating than normal programs.
  • The program does not need any major equipment, so it can be done wherever you feel most comfortable. Gym, your living room, and parks are all perfectly acceptable options.
  • The entire body is worked out, and you will notice a warm-up and cool-down section for each training session.
  • It can be done by everybody, and the eating plan that comes with it will enhance the results.


  • If you are not a gym-goer, some exercises can result in fairly hard to execute.
  • The weights used during the training are too light for more expert athletes.

Best BodyBoss Alternatives (And Cheaper)

While BodyBoss is one of the best products on the market, there are similar and cheaper workout programs that you could try and see which one fits your lifestyle the best.

The ones I have picked here are similar in price and results, but they represent interesting variations.

Bikini Body Workouts (Great Alternative)

Bikini Body WorkoutsThis workout is much shorter than the BodyBoss one and perfect if you have a close deadline, such as a holiday or party. It claims to be able to gift you with the perfect bikini body in only 30 days.

This program allows you to eat all of your favorite food without having to stick to a strict diet.

The exercises focus mostly on weight lifting (going to the gym or acquiring y equipment is necessary), and the company has developed a useful app you can follow your exercises from.

Bikini Body Workouts also has a coupon code here –

Bodyweight Burn


Bodyweight Burn ManualThis method is based on short 21-minutes workouts that everybody can follow from anywhere.

The founder sustain that can avoid you all the injuries and pains often experienced during other kinds of activities such as CrossFit, while yielding better results.

This program does not require any equipment or a specific diet. However, it might not feel as personalized and encouraging as the BodyBoss one.

It uses the methods of Cardioflow, Afterburners, and Metabolic-Muscle Sessions to achieve the claimed benefits.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution WorkoutsFor the fan of the reliable and old school DVD “at-home workout,” Jillian Michaels will take you through this 90 days extreme weight loss program. It only requires 30 minutes of workouts to be performed daily, which are recorded on 15 DVDs.

However, in the package, you will also be able to enjoy a 7-day example meal plan to follow, a fitness guide, and a journal to celebrate your success!


There are many options on the market for diets, training methods, fitness strategies, and memberships. Some can be working for some users, while others can be a waste of money, time, and resources.

This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are still fighting against those extra kilos, or you still can’t fit in the new dress.

However, if you are looking for a fitness guide that can take you successfully through your training, BodyBoss can be a valid alternative.

I would recommend anybody to try it, as it can easily fit in your lifestyle, does not need any equipment, and yield great results.

Have you already tried BodyBoss? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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