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So I had been feeling dead exhausted for months. I was always tired, but then I would struggle for hours after laying down to fall asleep.

At 39 I didn’t see how it was possible that I felt like I was in my fifties. My muscles were sore and aching and seemed to be disappearing into nothing. Plus I was putting on weight, and lots of it.

I knew that I needed to do something, but what could I honestly do? Workout? I was so exhausted from lack of sleep and had absolutely no energy.

My self-worth was fast diminishing. I’d become lazy and let myself go. Working out had proven itself useless against the side effects of my aging. I was frustrated and short with my wife and kids.

I was only thirty and felt ready to throw in the towel. I had lost hope that I could ever change how I felt. I had not only lost the body of my youth, but I had begun to lose my spirit as well.

I Needed A Change

I couldn’t let myself continue on that path. The path of self-loathing and could-have-been. I had no choice but to try something. I was willing to try anything really.

So, I talked to my doctor, described what was going on to him and explained that I was showing the signs of low testosterone.

At first, I doubted him…

Low testosterone? At thirty-nine? There was no way. Right? I was still young, and pretty healthy.

But then, I sat down and thought about it. I mean I really thought about it. I didn’t sit there and feel sorry for myself or think about what I had in the past.

I thought about how I felt right then and there. Considering the aspects of my life, I realized that the doctor had been right, I did have quite a few signs of low testosterone.

  • I lacked stamina and I didn’t have the energy I once had.
  • My weight was up at least twenty pounds (It wasn’t due to increased muscle mass, I was getting fat!)
  • I’d lay awake in bed for long periods of time when I wanted to be asleep.
  • I felt weak, I couldn’t lift the weight I was used to.
  • Frustrated and beyond stressed, that’s how you could describe the state of mind I was in.

The respective signs of low testosterone and low testosterone side effects are these.

  • Loss of Stamina
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Muscle Weakness/ Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Brain Fog, Short Temper

I allowed my doctor to test me and discovered that I did, in fact, have low testosterone. I wanted to make a change. I needed to feel different, be different, but was it possible?

The loss of testosterone seemed to be a common effect of aging. A natural issue that a male encounters as he ages. So I had assumed that I wouldn’t be able to rid myself of the side effects, but maybe I could diminish their effects on me.

What I Discovered Was Incredible

What came next would change my life and restore my lost sense of hope. After deciding that I was fed up with what I’d become, I took to the internet, as so many do. It was so easy to find related information on the internet.

What’s not as easy is finding the information that is actually relevant. The internet is full of content, but the reliability of the content can be somewhat lacking. I found some great information in another review and some relevant facts on a couple of different medical websites.

  • More than 200,000 Americans are affected each year by decreased levels of testosterone.
  • Testosterone is a key player in the development of bones and muscles.
  • Possible symptoms are erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive.
  • Testosterone deepens the voice and promotes hair growth.
  • Approximately 2 in every 100 men suffer from low testosterone.

Men who suffer from low testosterone, like myself, are not at a loss of options. There are a few things that can be done to assist with the symptoms of low testosterone.

The treatments and supplements are meant to increase testosterone levels and reduce the effects of having low testosterone.

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Alterations in Diet
  • Testosterone Enhancer
  • Natural Testosterone Booster (2)

There are also quite a few completely natural ways to increase testosterone levels. You could always take a testosterone booster along with utilizing the following five tips.

  • Exercise and Lift Weights
  • Eat Plenty of Protein, Fats, and Carbs
  • Lower Your Stress Levels
  • Lots of Quality Sleep
  • Sun and Vitamin D

As I was researching treatment options for my low testosterone problem, I came across quite a few testosterone enhancers.

One being Blue Star Status(1) testosterone booster. The Blue Star Status reviews I read online were encouraging and after some further research I decided to give the booster a try, it was relatively inexpensive and I was able to get it at a discount (Thank god because it turned out to be a bit of a waste of time and money).

Blue Star Testosterone Supplement

After reading the reviews on Blue Star Status I felt hopeful. I had felt hopeless for so long, unsure of what could fix the problems I was having.

I bought two bottles, sixty capsules, of Blue Star Status Testosterone, (because enhancers typically take four to six weeks to show any results.) At forty-seven percent off, the two bottles cost almost the same as one anyways.

This Blue Star Testosterone Supplement makes many claims on their site, such as…

  • 434% more testosterone than you would get from lifting weights
  • Assists with building muscle mass
  • Supplements Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6
  • KSM-66 Natural Herb Supplement induces the drastic increase in testosterone
  • Testosurge allows your body to utilize the testosterone longer than naturally possible
  • 3.3 Diindolylmethane blocks estrogen development
  • Status helps you utilize the inactive 98% of testosterone in your body

Blue Star Status should be taken every morning. You need to take three vitamins each morning. There are ninety of them in each container, so taking three a day, each bottle will provide you with a thirty-day supply.

Blue Star Status – Unfortunately, Just Did Nothing For Me!

Testosterone enhancers are expected to take four to six weeks to provide any results so I did a full 6-week cycle and to be brutally honest, I felt no different. Like nothing at all…

I was hoping they would at least give me some extra energy or help get me motivated again but zilch results from these.

It just felt like I was taking handfuls of tablets each day for nothing. I could have reached out and got a refund but I didn’t bother.

I did however find a better alternative which I’ve been taking and it’s been working great and I’m only 3 weeks in.

It’s called Testogen and I really wish I found this testosterone booster earlier because I’m starting to feel like my old self again with more life and energy.

I have the energy to workout, and my muscles are beginning to bulk up again. I also feel my mindset changing too. I’m happier, calmer, and more at ease.

More importantly, my sex drive has improved and I do feel like I’m back in my prime again – well close to it.

Testogen – It’s What’s Working For Me Now

Maybe it was just me or I got a bad batch but Blue Star Status did nothing for me but in a way, I’m glad I tried it and had the experience because it led me to Testogen and I also learned a lot about testosterone in general (I put some FAQs under this review to hopefully help).

Testogen is a much better product in my opinion so if you’re on the fence and thinking about buying Blue Star Status check out Testogen first.

I’m going to try update this review regularly with my results so do check back but so far Testogen has been much better than I expected. Very happy with the results so far…

Low Testosterone Related Questions and Answers

I had questions, so many of them. I spent hours researching all of them and I would like to share my findings with all of you. These are the questions I had and the answers I found for them.

Q. When do most men begin to have diminished testosterone levels?

A. The testosterone levels increase until a boy turns twenty. Testosterone levels begin to diminish for most men around the age of thirty. It is usually a gradual decrease but the effects are immediately felt. The first effect is a decrease in sex drive. This is not just a normal effect of aging, it’s a direct result of diminished levels of testosterone.

Q. What does testosterone do for men?

A. Testosterone is responsible for many roles of the male body. Testosterone regulates the male sex drive. It assists in ensuring healthy bone mass, muscle mass, fat distribution, strength, and producing red blood cells and sperm. Testosterone is the male hormone, so it maintains a large number of emotional drivers.

Q. What is considered to be a normal level of testosterone?

A. The range for normal testosterone levels is between 270 and 1070 ng/dL. The average level is at 670 ng/dL. Levels below 200 ng/dL would mean that you have low testosterone. If that is the case you would greatly benefit from a testosterone supplement. Testosterone levels are slightly higher in the morning hours. Levels also fluctuate throughout the year.

Testosterone levels tend to be lower in and around April and higher in or around November.

Q. How do you check the testosterone level of a man?

A. Your doctor will check the testosterone level in your body by doing a simple blood test. All you will have to do is accept the finger prick. This blood test will likely be done in the morning, considering the testosterone level in your blood is usually highest between the hours of 8 am and 11 am. This is especially true in younger men.

Q. Will testosterone increase hostility in men?

A. Testosterone does make certain areas of the brain more active. The areas that control aggression and the processing of threats are examples of such areas. This may be why men are said to have a protective instinct.

Q. What happens if low testosterone goes untreated?

A. Low testosterone has serious long term effects. If left untreated low testosterone can result in osteoporosis or low bone density. It will also play a key role in male heart health. Low testosterone can increase the risk of heart disease. There are new studies that show that abnormal testosterone levels can result in reduced mortality.

Q. Are there any foods that increase testosterone?

A. There are a few foods that could increase a man’s testosterone level. These foods are generally full of protein, fat, and carbs.

Some examples include the following.

  • Ginger
  • Oyster
  • Fish Oil
  • Fatty Meats and Fish
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Green Vegetables
  • Fortified Milks