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Which Is The Best Squat Rack For A Home Gym?

If your home gym doesn’t have a squat rack, you are missing out, my friend! It is a great way to increase the power of your squats right in your own home.

If you feel a little intimidated by the squat rack, fear not – having your own version in-house is a great way to feel better about it and get your squats where they need to be.

You will be amazed at what the ability to practice this technique in your own home can do for you. I have rounded up 7 of the greatest squat racks for your perusal. They are all available on Amazon – they will be delivered right to your home.

Let’s get serious about building muscle and get one of these squat racks into your home immediately.


Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment and Adjustable Leg Hold-down, Power Cage Only

It is an excellent, top-rated squat rack that will have your garage or home gym looking simply amazing. It has 800 lbs. of weight capacity and plenty of walk-in space, so you guys and girls that are big and tall will have no trouble moving around when you are using this squat rack.

You can even get optional J-Hook, dip bar, and weight plate holder attachments.

It is a sturdy steel squat rack for your garage gym and comes with 19 adjustable height levels for the safety bars. It is great for people of all sizes, with max height being 6′ 4″. The safety bars are compatible with 7-inch Olympic weight bars.

You can get so much more out of this than simply doing squats. There is an overhead chin up/ pull up bar. It is a great way to get a whole workout that targets the booty and the legs, plus the arms and your back.

Assembly is pretty darn easy, actually.

The instructions are clear and thorough, and you will have no trouble getting the squat rack put together in under one hour. If you have a friend helping you, it will take even less time to get this set up in your garage gym.

It was very nice that all the bolts were packaged by number, which made it very easy to assemble.

Now onto the numbers about this rack: The rack is 46″ wide, and the top of the bar comes in at 84 inches off the floor.

The sides of the squat rack are 79 inches. Working area of this top-rated squat rack is 42 inches between the posts and 24 inches deep between the posts.

Each post comes punched with 19 1-inch holes that begin about 13 inches off the floor and are 3 inches apart. There are U shaped notches to help you target the same level between posts.

It’s rated for a total of 800 lbs., so it should not be hard to reach your goals with that capacity.

RATING: ★★★★★

CAP Barbell FM 8000 F Deluxe Power Rack

One of the most popular squat racks for home gym we stumbled upon was this CAP barbell power rack. This rack is designed for wear and tear as it is made of great stainless steel, especially 12- and 14-gauge steel. The overhead workout station is crafted of tubular steel.

It looks great in your home gym too, as it features a three-step powder coat finish giving your rack the greatest in durability. There are gussets for reinforced support, and oxidation is prevented thanks to the capped frame.

There are two plate posts, three-band posts on either side, which helps you add resistance, two j cup bar catches, and two safety catches. There is also a pull-up bar and bar holders complete with ABS sleeves that help prevent scratches when you remove or store an Olympic weightlifting bar.

You can do so much with this rack for your fitness; aside from performing great squats-you can do the best bench presses, pull-ups and basically train your lower and upper body until you look and feel strong as can be.

Once the squat rack for home gym is assembled, you are looking at the following specs: 47 inches deep, 61 inches wide, 85 inches tall. The rack itself weighs in at 103 lbs., and the max weight it supports is 600 lbs.

It is a bit less than the previous rack we reviewed, but still pretty good and will help the vast majority of you out there get your squat to a very powerful level.

The storage level on this squat rack is quite good-there are two plate posts that will help you store your weight plates, plus two bar posts so you can store your Olympic bars in a vertical direction.

And safety is a top priority when it comes to this squat rack; it is one of the best thanks to the two safety catches and bar catches on the power rack. The bar catches stop the bar from harming the lifter in the event of an accident during bench press or squatting.

RATING: ★★★★★

Body-Solid Best Fitness Adjustable Power Rack

If it is your goal to train well and get in some training that is safe and effective, then this is the rack for you. It will get you the ability to train heavy in your home, at a price that is great and uncompromised quality. It really is one of the best squat racks for garage gyms.

There are 23 adjustment levels that are spaced apart by three inches, and there are also two adjustable lift offs plus two full-length safety bars that make your solo lifts that much safer.

There is also an excellent chin-up bar included with the rack. You can add on the Dip Attachment (this is optional), which grants you a whole bunch of new bodyweight exercises.

The construction of this particular machine is also a force to be reckoned with. You get a 14-gauge 2″ x 2″ steel mainframe. This specific rack holds up to 500 lbs., so it will do a great job of getting your strength up and will stand up to your daily workouts.

It works with a 7-foot barbell, whether you are using Olympic or standard bars. It works great not only for squats and dips, but it also does a great job with deadlifts and standing shoulder presses.

For deadlifts, simply rack the bar on the short pegs inside the frame, load it, and lift. When it comes to overhead press, place the short pegs on the outside of the frame and then stand outside to press.

The rack is very easy to assemble. This particular model took only 20 minutes to put together, said one user. It is best if you can have a friend come help you out for the best results, but not necessary.

All in all, this is a great way to get those heavy lifts in without spending loads of cash. Sure, there are some small issues with the rack, for instance, one user said there was no way for him to level the rack-but for the price, you really can’t beat it.

RATING: ★★★★

HulkFit 1000 Pound Capacity Multi-Function Power Cage

hulkfit squat rack

WOW! For those of you that really want to amp up that lift game, check out this top-rated squat rack. It is really the best squat rack for home I’ve seen in a while. There are lots of extra options you can add to the rack, and it supports ONE THOUSAND POUNDS! What could be heavier?

You will absolutely reach your full potential when you get hold of this fantastic squat rack. Two solid steel safety bars feature sturdy J Hooks. There are two extra hooks included, also.

You can add on two dip bars with safety locker-they are included! You can easily change the height of the J Hooks and dip bars. There is multiple grip pull up bars on the top for maximum exercise-you can do chin-ups and pull-ups to your heart’s content.

The walk-in space is large, and the rubber feet contribute to workouts that are safe and productive.

The construction of this squat rack is heavy-duty square steel, and features and H shape for maximum stability. There is a wide-grip Olympic lat pulldown included (If you select that option), and you can use any weight plate you want with a 2-inch hole or smaller.

Assembly is very easy. You really only need just one person to make it work, and it takes only about 30 minutes to get it all set up. That being said, the instructions are a little hard to read, say some users.

The instructions consist of pictures showing how the parts are meant to be put together.

It can get a bit confusing, but aside from that, assembly isn’t complicated.

It is a great squat rack with huge weight capacity, and the fact that it is an Amazon’s Choice for best squat racks makes it a really strong choice!

RATING: ★★★★

TDS Power Rack/Squat Cage

TDS Mega 1000 lb Rated White Power Squat Rack, 1.25” Dia Professionally knurled Front Chinning Bar, Provision to add LAT Attachment, Pull up/Chip up bar and More!

If you are seeking to get started in squatting, or just want to supplement your activity with weights, this is the rack for you. It is a great budget model that is perfect for beginners. It is a good value and deserves its place here on our list of top squat racks for home gyms.

If you are just starting out or doing basic movements – one user was doing 5×5 movements; for instance – this would be perfect for you. It takes about one hour to put together when working by yourself, and the manufacturer recommends two people work at it, but it can be done alone.

Assembly is quite easy, although you will need a ⅜ ratchet wrench and a regular wrench; keep that in mind if you do end up buying this squat rack. I also might recommend this one, especially for the ladies – by and large, women tend to be shorter than men, and this rack suits people up to about 6 feet tall.

One user, who listed their height as 5’11”, stated it was barely large enough for pull-ups. Thus, this might be the rack for all you ladies out there who want to get squatting, but also do pull-ups and bench presses too. Get yourself some of the add ons and make yourself a rack that truly does it all!

The construction of the rack is pretty sturdy; we’re talking 2-inch square steel tubing regarding its construction. J hooks are constructed of solid steel also. Measurements come in at 48.5″x 48″x 82.5″. In the photo, they show 1000 bs worth of Olympic weights, consisting of a bar and weight plates.

There are 31 holes 2 inches apart, with numbers clearly written next to them to make the adjustment easier. There is a 2-inch distance between the holes and the numbers, which is key to lift efficiently.

The chinning bar is professionally knurled and measures 1 ⅛ inches in diameter. You can add as many attachments as the company offers to really make yourself a great home gym. It is a great product made right in New York, from a company that’s been serving the fitness industry for over 40 years.

RATING: ★★★★

Sunny Health and Fitness Power and Squat Rack

Sunny Health & Fitness Power and Squat Rack with High Weight Capacity, Olympic Weight Plate Storage and 360° Swivel Landmine and Power Band Attachment

You will be feeling “sunny” when you install this great squat rack in your own home and get squatting.

It is very versatile, and the included landmine barbell attachment provides you more options when performing core and rotational moves like anteflexion, lunges, rows, and landmine squats.

Keeping things organized is easy with this rack; you can organize the weights on the rack, which helps provide you with more stability as you use the machine. There is a 360-degree landmine post, a raised height pull-up bar, points to attach exercise bands, and durable J Hooks and spotter arms.

The pull-up bar has a knurled grip, which will help you perform wide and close grip hand positions. It will really work your back, arms, and shoulders during your session. The spotter arm measures 16″ and allows you to do heavy lifts but minimize the risk of sustaining an injury.

There are 30 adjustment points, which are great for fitting athletes of all heights.

This squat rack can support 500 lbs. for the pull-up bar, and then 880 lbs. for the bar holders. Dimensions measure in at 42x 47 x 85.

Indeed, for the price, we were a bit skeptical at first. However, the quality is quite good, and the instructions were clear on how to set it up. Many users advised that it is best if you have your own tools to use for assembly. It is really great for smaller spaces and will look great when placed in your garage or gym.

RATING: ★★★★

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack/Squat Rack

Once again, we have a heavy-duty, tough squat rack that is made of sturdy 12-gauge steel. There are rubber base caps that are found on each foot, which add safety, protect your floors, and keep the rack stable as you work out. It is an absolute gem and makes for one of the best home gym squat racks we’ve seen!

There is also a pull-up station that has a knurled grip on the top of the rack. That’s not all – there is also a lat pulldown station that has a plate loading carriage. There are a lap bar and curl bar included with your purchase.

The bar support is adjustable, as there are 27 variable positions for bar support. There are four adjustable bar catchers in place that make it easy to rack and unrack the bar. You can do squats and bench presses easily!

This bar supports range in height from 17 ½ inches all the way up to 68 inches. There are easy to read numbers printed on the machine that will help you identify variable positions.

Storage pegs are another huge “pro” when it comes to this squat rack. It will let you have an organized garage gym-there are four plate storage pegs that measure 8 inches each, which gives you all the storage you need for your Olympic or standard weight plates.

The lat pulldown station is another big win when it comes to this squat rack. It is located at the back of the unit. The BD-7 allows users to make use of the 38-inch lat pull bar at the top so they can execute lateral pull-down moves; also, the 20-inch accessory pull down bar at the bottom allows athletes to do cable curls and cable rows.

And if you want to get REALLY fancy, there is the option of adding on a cable crossover attachment so you can have a total home gym.


There you have it – seven of the greatest squat racks you could imagine.

If it is your goal to buy the best squat rack for your home gym, or top-rated squat rack for your garage gym, we have got you covered.

Which one of these will you be installing in your gym?