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Abby We’ve curated a list of the best resistance bands for all kinds of resistance band exercises and workouts. Check the short list below and then continue reading for our review of each. Let’s Go

Last updated on May 26, 2023 11:23 pm

If you haven’t started using resistance bands, now is the time. There are so many benefits to using these fantastic fitness tools, and you will be amazed at how useful these bands are. Even after just one workout, you really feel it in your arms, legs, booty, and core. You can get amazing results using a set of these.

And the benefits are numerous. For starters, it’s a really effective workout that will have you working multiple muscles at once. They help you gain a better range of motion. Second, these are great for beginners and advanced athletes alike, as workouts can be modified to be easy or difficult.

Third, a set of these goes anywhere. You don’t need to buy a daily gym pass or book a pricier hotel with a fitness center-just pack up these little guys in your back and work out wherever you want!

Lastly, the variety you get using one of these workout bands is absolutely unreal. You can do workouts that target the whole body, the arms or the legs, or even the core. You will never get bored with one of these.

Let’s explore some options.

Best Resistance Bands for Men & Women

Polygon Resistance Bands Set

Polygon Resistance Bands Set, Upgraded Resistance Tubes with Anti-Snap Heavy Duty Protective Nylon Sleeves, 11 Pieces Include 5 Stackable Exercise Bands, Door Anchors, Legs Ankle Straps, Foam Handles

These bands are great for beginners or experienced athletes alike. Polygon, the maker of these bands, provides you a free fitness and nutrition eBook, but you have to email them to get it. You can change up the intensity from 20lb to 150lb.

I liked that they have a double layer so that in the unlikely event of a snap, you are protected. It is a great way to take your workout anywhere as it has a nice carry bag-you can work out in the park or just in your backyard with no trouble.


  • Much more resistance for tough workouts.
  • Double layered in case of a snap.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed by Polygon


  • You have to email them to get the free fitness eBook.
  • Users complained the fabric covering the bands was not stretchy.

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Fit Simplify Loop Resistance Bands

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide, Carry Bag, EBook and Online Workout Videos, Set of 5

These are quality, but smaller sized exercise bands. These are even smaller than the brand we featured before, so they can fit inside a backpack or carry on if you want to take your workout on the road.

If you’re into stretching, you can quickly wrap these around you as you do so. These are made of 100% natural latex, so please be mindful if you or somebody else has a latex allergy.

There is also a great 41-page eBook included as a nice bonus to help you get started or provide you a new way of working out.


  • Nice and small, easy to carry
  • Color-coded for intensity
  • Feels good on your skin


  • Made of latex, which can be harmful to some
  • Users noted they tended to roll down the legs

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Tellustyle Best Fitness Resistance Bands

Best Fitness Resistance Bands Set of 5 Simplify Exercise Workout Bands for Legs Arms Fit for Training Pilates Powerlifting Stretching Physical Therapy Yoga Rehab and Home Fitness

These are cool bands in that they show the force of each band. For instance, the yellow one is 20lb of force, while the red one is 30lb of force. It really makes for an intense workout session!

There are plenty of uses for these bands. Athletes who are looking for an intense workout will benefit from these bands, but so will people who are rehabilitating their bodies after injury. Physical therapists actually use these for treatment in some cases.

These come at a great price, too!


  • Inexpensive and easy to carry around
  • Great for people rehabilitating their body
  • The price is affordable for all


  • No free eBook or exercise guide
  • Some users noted the bands did break after just 1 use.

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Best Resistance Bands for Women

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands, Resistance Exercise Bands for Home Fitness, Stretching, Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Natural Latex Workout Bands, Pilates Flexbands, 12

With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating and thousands of customers that bought these, you can’t go wrong for an effective and fun workout. These are made of 100% natural latex, and great for ladies just starting their journey or even veterans of the gym.

With these bands, you can work the arms, legs, glutes, and abs with ease. These are lightweight. They come with a carrying pouch, so throw them into your purse if you want a workout on the go.

One thing I really liked was that these were various shades of pink-it’s a nice nod to all the fitness-minded women out there!


  • Great for working out or recovering from injury
  • Easy to carry around and durable
  • Resistance levels are printed on the bands


  • Made of 100% latex
  • Some users felt they were not very resistant

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Walito Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

Walito Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt,Exercise Bands Set Booty Bands Hip Bands Wide Workout Bands Sports Fitness Bands Resistance Loops Band Anti Slip Elastic (Set 3)

Ladies who want to get that “peach booty,” we have what you need right here! These are fabric resistance bands that will help get your booty into the shape you want. And, you don’t have to just work the booty with these-you can absolutely get your arms toned up as well.

If you are into yoga, Pilates, or other programs like P90x, you can use these bands there, too. Whether you are just looking to work out and get in shape, rehab your body or just feel great about yourself, these bands are a cost-effective way to do just that.


  • Bands are covered in fabric and are comfortable
  • Can be used for a variety of workouts
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Users found these to have LOTS of resistance

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MVN Resistance Bands Set

MVN Resistance Bands Set Exercises Guide Printed on Loop Bands to Tone Legs Butt Core and Arms Pilates Yoga Fitness Physical Therapy Rehabilitation (Green)

The first thing we noticed about these great bands is that they come with the exercises printed right on them. Of course, you can do whatever movement is best for you, but if you are at a loss, just look at your bands!

These are made of 100% latex and can be used for strengthening and toning the glutes, abs, and arms, plus your legs. They are great for ladies who want to work out at home or on the go, but don’t want heaps of equipment to carry.


  • Exercises are printed right on the band
  • Comes with a handy carry bag
  • Refunds offered if you are not happy


  • Bands tend to slip during use, said one user
  • Some users felt they not very resistant.

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Best Mini Resistance Bands

Perform Better Mini Band

Perform Better Exercise Mini Band, Set of 4 - All colors 9

The great thing about these mini bands is that they are great for you and your friends. You can buy packs of ten specific resistances and give them to your gym buddies, or if YOU run a gym, you can give them to your patrons.

A pack of ten of the extra-heavy ones provides a challenging workout for experienced gym-goers, while a ten-pack of the bright yellow light bands is great for a beginner’s class or group of friends beginning their journey. Of course, there is a variety pack of all bands available for purchase, too.


  • You can buy specific bands for your level of fitness
  • Great for physical therapy
  • Great for use with Beachbody and other fitness programs


  • No carry bag included

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Synergee Exercise Fitness Mini Loop Bands

Synergee Mini Band Resistance Band Loop Exercise Bands Set of 5 with Carrying Bag and Exercise Manual

It is a set of five resistance bands that go from 20 lbs. of resistance all the way up to 50 lbs. You even get a manual containing six different exercises you can do. There is also a handy carry pouch included for easy transport.

They are great for use with other fitness programs like CrossFit, Pilates, and more. They come in a variety of colors and are marked, so you know what the heaviest and the lightest resistance is.   They are great in helping you learn coordination, balance, and strength.


  • Light and easy to carry
  • Great for physical therapy
  • Great for all fitness levels


  • Some users felt they could have provided more resistance

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Gymbandit 3 Ultra Heavy Mini Loop Bands

GYMBANDIT - The Heavy Set - 3 Ultra-Heavy Mini Loop Resistance Bands

These have got to be the most eco-friendly and conscious bands I’ve ever seen. For starters, they are made of 100% natural latex, and this latex is sourced ethically and processed so that it does not release harmful toxins into the air.

Aside from this, they really will give you a tough workout. These provide up to 100 lbs of resistance. The widths of the bands are 2.0mm, 1.7 mm, and 1.5 mm. They are pretty thick and will give even the toughest gym rats a run for their money.


  • These bands are tough and very snap resistant
  • Comes with a handy carry bag
  • Great for those who want a challenge


  • Only comes with three bands

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Best Long Resistance Bands

Draper’s Strength Heavy Duty Pull Up Bands

Draper's Strength Heavy Duty Pull Up Assist and Powerlifting Stretch Bands (Single Band or Set) 41-inch #2 Red (5-35 Lbs) ½

Check the band tension chart when you go to buy these-there is plenty to choose from. Advanced exercisers and beginners alike will find something when they choose Draper’s pull up bands. You can collect the set as you go, or you can buy the whole pack and get some great accessories to go along with them.

You even get a free workout guide with every band purchase you make, plus 90-day money-back guarantee. These are great for pulling up from the ground and are made of quality materials. Like the other bands, this is a great way to get a fun workout with little equipment.


  • Can buy bands individually
  • Comes with optional accessories
  • Features up to 200 lbs. of resistance


  • It can get pricey if you buy them each individually.
  • Some users had their bands snap on them.

Where To Buy

Power Guidance Pull Up Assist Bands

POWER GUIDANCE Pull Up Bands Assisted Pull-up Resistance Exercise - for Body Stretching, Powerlifting, Resistance Training - RED

Here is another excellent way to get just what you WANT instead of bands that you might not need. You can buy these bands individually, or you can buy the whole set at once. Make sure that you check on the band tension chart before you buy-that way you will get what you need.

It’s very easy to use these bands in combination with one another. For instance, you might start your workout with the thicker band for a few reps and then increase the rep count with the lighter bands. The possibilities are endless when you have a great set of bands.

There is also a warranty offered on these. If you find that you don’t love it, just contact Power Guidance for help.


  • You can buy what you need instead of what you don’t.
  • Carry bag included with the set
  • Great for assisted pull-ups


  • Some users had their bands snap on them when in use.

Where To Buy

Sunpow Pull Up Assistance Bands

SUNPOW Pull Up Assistance Bands - Set of 5 Resistance Heavy Duty Workout Exercise Crossfit Stretch Fitness Bands Assist Set for Body, Instruction Guide and Carry Bag Included

They may be called pull up assistance bands, but they are much more than just that! These bands are perfect for nearly any workout you can think of.

Whether you need to do resistance training or just want to help get torn ligaments feeling strong again, these bands are super.

They come in a set of 5 and are great for people of all fitness levels. Even the item page on Amazon showed people of varying ages, sizes, and fitness levels using the bands to their best ability-and you can, too!


  • Users noted they were high quality and well-made
  • The bands are great for high-intensity exercises like pull-ups
  • Thicker than other bands, but still easy to travel with


  • No option to buy them as single bands

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Resistance Band Exercise Bands for Beginners

Tracey Steen has a super fantastic resistance band workout that everybody can fit into their routine.

Here’s what you’re in for when you follow this workout:

3 Circuits of 30 Seconds of Work Plus 15 Seconds of Rest

Circuit 1:

  • Side to side tap with the band at the ankles
  • Reverse taps with band at the ankles
  • Squats with band at knees

(Repeat 3 times)

Circuit 2:

  • Single leg glute thrust with band around foot and knee
  • Donkey Kick with band around feet
  • Frog Pulse with Band under the knees or above the knees

(Repeat 3 times)

Circuit 3:

  • Rear Delt Pull with band around wrists
  • Tricep Pushdown with band around palms of the hands
  • Bicep Curl with band around the leg and palm

(Repeat 3 times)

Another great 30-minute video comes from Sydney Cummings. Watch now to see it for yourself.

In this video, she does lots of good moves that will have your booty and legs feeling strong and looking great!

  • Sydney begins with a warmup.
  • Once your body is nice and warm, you will do some ankle taps with the band wrapped around the thighs. You will do this on either side-and you WILL feel it!
  • Next up are some backward kicks with the band around your thighs. It will help tone up the booty.
  • After that, you will lay on the floor for some leg lifts. Your legs and booty will look amazing as a result of doing these floor circuits.
  • Afterward, you will do some side lunges with the resistance band. You will step to either side of the mat, and you will feel it in your booty!
  • Next, you will do some leg raises. After that, it’s back to the floor for some more work-you will do fire hydrants, leg bridges, and some ankle raises.

And you’re probably wondering…” Where’s the king of all booty exercises, the SQUAT?!”

Well, that comes here toward the end! There are a few different types of squats you will be doing here-one where the arms are out and another where the hands stay folded.

These are challenging, especially with the band.

Lastly, you will close out with a cooldown and stretch-and you will feel accomplished, too.

We hope you enjoy these two AMAZING workouts.


So, which of the above bands will you be adding to your collection of workout gear? Are you a newbie to fitness and just looking for a tough low-impact workout?

You’re in the right spot, whether you’re a seasoned gym rat or new to the game. These bands will make your workouts fun and keep you coming back for more.