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Best Barbell Pads For Men & Women

Wondering which barbell pad is right for you?

We’ve curated a list that will help make that decision a whole lot easier. Check out our short list and continue reading for our review of each barbell pad below…

Last updated on June 3, 2023 4:49 pm

If you’re like me, you just have to have your barbell pad when you work out. It’s like having your sneakers and your water bottle – they are yours and yours alone, and they make your experience that much better.

I’m one of those people: Without my Converse, wireless headphones and trusty old water bottle, it’s just not a real workout. And the barbell pad is another huge “must-have” for me.

It’s a matter of cleanliness, really. Gyms are dirty places! Sure, we all wipe our machines down after we get done, and yes, we shower afterward and wear shower shoes. But does anybody wipe down the squat bar?!

Probably not. And aside from keeping clean while you work out, it’s a matter of safety. Bruises and bumps on my back and neck when I’m trying to squat comfortably are not my idea of a good time.

Let’s take a look at barbell pads for men and women so you can have a comfortable workout experience. We’ve researched the latest and top-rated barbell pads on the market. Check them out below…

Best Barbell Pads for Men

First, I will go over some pads designed for use by men. Ladies, don’t worry – we are going to get to you in due time!

Dark Iron Fitness 17-Inch-Thick Barbell Neck Pad

All Black fitness barbell pad bear gym pad conditioning collar shoulder foam pads neck support squat bar lunge collar squat pad hio rack bear bar pad squat rack cushion pad squat bar

Here is a comfortable pad that not only gets the job done, but it looks stylish, too. It is excellent for use during hip thrusts, squats, and lunges. The foam is ¾” dense stuff that will support your back and make your workout fly by in comfort.

I like that you can choose pads with motivational sayings on them-definitely a compliment-getter and really stands out from the crowd.  “Drop it like a squat” is my personal favorite. And if your barbell pad ever fails, they’ll send you a new one pronto!


  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • Fits on Olympic bars
  • Does not absorb moisture


  • Some users felt the pad was too hard
  • Some users did not like the nylon fabric.

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ProFitness Barbell Squat Pad

ProFitness Barbell Pad Squat Pad- Exercise Barbell Pad for Hip Thrusts, Squats and Lunges- Most Comfortable Squat Sponge (Red)

Here’s a great pad at a bargain price that comes in a beautiful red or pink color. These squat pads are great for distributing weight evenly, and they fit over most barbells with ease.

The foam is high-density rubberized stuff. It will provide your back and neck a comfortable and supportive experience. This stuff won’t flatten out, either. So, squat on and squat often.

I also like that this one simply slides right on and is very secure once you fasten it. It works for a multitude of exercises, including hip thrusts and lunges, too. And, it’s easy and portable to carry around in your gym back or even in your hand as you get ready to squat.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Smaller size-just 16” in length but 1.5 in thick
  • Great for use with ALL barbells


  • Only 2 colors available
  • Some users found that the Velcro did not stick well.

Where To Buy

Reehut Barbell Squat Pad

REEHUT Barbell Squat Pad - Advanced Neck & Shoulder Ergonomic Protective Pad Support for Squats, Lunges & Hip Thrusts - Fit Standard and Olympic Bars Perfectly Black

It is a nice size pad, and it measures in at 17in x 3.6 in-it’s perfect for men of all sizes and will keep your back and neck comfortable while you work out. You can use it for hip thrusts, squats, and lunges.

It’s designed to fit bars of all sizes, so if you’re not sure about your gym’s bar sizes, grab this pad for best results. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if this pad doesn’t suit you-just send it back with no hassle. The fact that it is lightweight and easy to carry is a huge plus too.


  • Comes in 2 great colors
  • Features securing straps to keep it in place
  • Features thick but lightweight, comfortable foam
  • One user noted it did not protect at 200 lbs. of weight during hip thrusts
  • One user felt the pad was too large for a gym bag

Where To Buy

Bear Strength and Conditioning Squat Pad


The thing that caught my eye about this pad was that the ratings on this were basically perfect! It comes in a variety of cool colors and is perfect for hip thrusts, lunges, and squats. The non-slip rubber foam will have you feeling great as your workout progresses.

It absorbs impacts and significantly reduces the pain felt when executing workout moves. The pad is pretty big at 18″x 3.5″ so this would be a good one for all you bigger fellows out there. It’s a great quality product that won’t have you messing your form up when you squat.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • One of the bigger barbell pads we’ve featured
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


  • One user noted it pops off the bar when using for back squats.
  • Lacks Velcro straps to hold it in place.

Where To Buy

Elevator Fitness Squat Pad

Elevator Fitness Squat Pad Barbell Pad for Squats, Lunges, and Hip Thrusts - Foam Sponge Pad - Provides Relief to Neck and Shoulders While Training

Here we have another generously sized pad – it’s great for Olympic sized barbells and measures in at 18″x3.5″. It’s a good, safe way to perform your thrusts, squats, and lunges with ease.

You will enjoy the quality, rubberized foam sponge pad, and how great it makes you feel when you work out. And, it weighs in at just 9 oz. Therefore, it’s easy to carry around whether you’re training at home, at your gym or somewhere else.


  • Features nearly perfect ratings
  • Pad is made of memory foam
  • Users noted it worked well for heavyweight


  • Comes in just one color
  • The product lacks Velcro to hold it in place

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Best Barbell Pads for Women

Perfect Peach Athletics Squat Pad

Perfect Peach Athletics Squat Pad Barbell Pad - Hip Thruster Foam Squat Bar Neck Pad for Women Weight Lifting Equipment (Pink, Barbell Pad Only)

I smiled when I saw the name of this – many ladies want to get that “perfect peach” and squats are a massive part of that! It will make your squatting, lunging and thrusting so much easier.

It’s cute and pink, for feminine flair while you’re sweating like one of the guys and features the cool “perfect peach” logo. Get ready for compliments on this cool cushion and also your results from the gym. They will come easier when you have this pad!


  • Easy to carry around-lightweight
  • Comes with black straps to hold it in place
  • Comfortable, dense foam
  • Comes in just 2 colors
  • Thinner than some other brands

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FitVIVA Barbell Pad

Fit Viva Blue Barbell Pad for Standard and Olympic Barbells with Safety Straps Bonus 30 Day Challenge from Foam Pad for Weightlifting, Hip Thrusts, Squats and Lunges

Blue isn’t for the boys here! This royal blue pad will have you feeling like a queen when you use it. And did we mention it has near-perfect ratings? You can choose from four different colors, too.

Safety straps are included, so your cushion stays in place no matter the movement. Your neck and back will feel great, not sore when you are done with your workout.

And if you are just starting out at the gym, or want to shake up the fitness routine, this cool pad comes with two fun, but tough 30-day challenges created by real fitness trainers to tone the glutes and legs.


  • Fits standard and Olympic barbells
  • Does not absorb sweat or odors
  • 1.3” protective layer for extra comfort


  • Some users felt it was too soft.
  • Users noted at heavyweights-e.g. 400 lbs. – the product was not comfortable.

Where To Buy

Gymletics 7 Pack Barbell Squat Pad

Gymletics Barbell Squat Pad for Standard | Pair of Gym Ankle Straps for Cable Machines | Hip Exercise Bands | Fitness Gift Safety Straps and Carry Bag (Pink, 17.3x3.7)

Here is a fun pack of workout gear that has a great squat pad, but also some fun extras all for a great price. Users rated it favorably, and it’s great for all of us pink-loving ladies out there. (Yes, it comes in black too, in case pink is not your thing!)

The other equipment works well, but let’s focus on the squat pad. It’s 17.3 inches long and fits Olympic size bars. It also comes with Velcro straps, so it will be secure on each and every gym bar. There’s even a carry bag included so you can take it everywhere.

It’s a quality pack of items that will bring you comfort and results.


  • Comes with a resistance band and ankle straps
  • Refund available if you are not satisfied
  • 1.2-inch thick foam for pad


  • Not as thick as some other pads we’ve reviewed
  • Users found the ankle straps to fall apart easily

Where To Buy

NewAge Fitness Barbell Squat Pad

Barbell Pad Squat Pad - Supports Squat Bar Weight Lifting for Neck & Shoulder - Protective Pad 16

Looking for a fun barbell pad that will have you smiling when you use it? Look no further than this cushion.

You can buy it with plenty of cool sayings on them, my favorite being “iSquat.” It is made of high-density foam and will keep your shoulders and back feeling and looking strong, not sore!


  • Nicely sized at 16” long and 1.5” thick
  • Can be used with virtually all barbells
  • High-density rubber foam feels great


  • Some users stated the pad moved during use
  • Not as thick as other pads we’ve reviewed

Where To Buy

IronBull Strength Advanced Squat Pad

Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad - Barbell Pad for Squats, Lunges & Hip Thrusts - Neck & Shoulder Protective Pad Support (Red)

Here is a nicely priced, no BS squat pad that will make you feel strong as a bull. It is made of high density, thick foam rubber that will absorb all shocks and impacts to keep you feeling great.

The matte finish is anti-slip, so don’t worry about the pad slipping off your shoulders. The way it evenly distributes your weight, you will find it easy to focus on achieving the correct form and getting the results you want.


  • Good size-16” long and 3.5” wide
  • Fits Olympic barbells easily
  • No straps needed-stays on tight


  • Users noted the pad is not suitable for heavier weights
  • Some users wished it had Velcro straps for easier bar attaching.

Where To Buy

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When You Shop

Materials Used: You can buy barbell pads that come in high-density foam, like the ones we featured here today, or you can opt for something harder like molded plastic.

These are markedly harder to find and are not used as often as the foam kinds. Look for a material that is comfortable and firm, but not so soft you’re feeling the bar.


These pads come in lengths of about 16 inches to 18 inches long. Men may wish to buy a bigger size to accommodate broader shoulders, while women may want to buy a smaller sized pad.

If you’re not sure, just go with the longer pad to play it safe. Remember that a longer pad may be more useful for hip exercises.


Do you love to squat or lunge heavy? If so, a thicker foam may be more your style. The thicker the foam, the more durable the barbell pad, and the more comfortable you will feel when it’s time to work with heavyweights.


Do you want one with Velcro straps that will tighten as you see fit? Or, do you feel confident in a barbell pad that just slips onto the bar?

Some users found it easier to buy a pad that had adjustable straps, while others knew that a pad that just slipped on would be excellent for them.

The latter is good for those of you that use the same bars every day, the former better for people who use varying equipment in their workouts.

Benefits of Barbell Pads

  • You will have a much more hygienic and safe gym experience. You can clean these barbell pads using antibacterial wipes, unlike the actual bar itself, which the staff and patrons may or may not clean.
  • You will keep your back and neck safe and protected, leaving you more time to focus on your form and completing the reps you set for yourself.
  • These are lightweight and easy to tote around. If you will be traveling, these are not heavy and fit into most gym bags with ease.
  • There are plenty of fun varieties of these pads that will have you smiling when you use them.

Looking For A Barbell Cushion

Some of you guys and girls might be thinking, “Is there a difference between a barbell pad and a barbell cushion?”

Nope! They are the same thing. If you are on the lookout for a great unisex barbell cushion, try this one from Bridawn.

You can get it in black or pink, and users rated it favorably with 4.7 out of 5 stars.