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At GymViper.com we’re a dedicated team that loves helping people who want to make a healthy change by improving their health, building a better version of themself and for those who want to live a better life.

We provide information on health, fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding, gym equipment, and supplements with unbiased product reviews.

Our team of highly skilled and passionate researchers do all the hard work for you and deliver it to you in an easy to understand way without the technical mumbo jumbo!

Our Team

We have a small team but we help you get massive gains. Each of our writers have a unique skill and area of expertise.

Matt StealFitness & Nutrition
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Abby MilesNutrition, Writer, Bodybuilder
Yasfa MuaNutrition, Supplements & Product Researcher.
Chad WheelerBodybuilding, Gym Junkie & Supplement Guru.

Medical disclaimer

The content provided here at GymViper is for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as medical advice whatsoever. Before starting any exercise routine or diet program, it is recommended to consult with a health professional. We are not a medical resource and therefore should not be treated as such.