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2019 is the year to get in shape and be the best version of ourselves possible. The best way to do that is to get in shape.

But if you don’t really know how to work out or you don’t have the motivation to keep going, no worries!

Here are 30 of the best and most motivating Instagram fitness accounts to get you started.

Natacha Oceane


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A post shared by Natacha Oceane (@natacha.oceane)

26-year-old Natacha started her fitness career on her YouTube channel where she is well known for her HIIT tutorials and explaining the science behind food and exercise.

Once her career began to pick up, she began creating her own training guides and her own resistance bands, which aid in the intensity level of her workout tutorials.

She additionally subscribes to the “intuitive eating” diet method, which is basically eating whatever she wants within the healthy food realm without being afraid to treat herself.

Visit Youtube Channel Natacha’s Website 

Adell Bridges

Adell is a British-based yoga teacher who is known for sharing yoga tips and tutorials on her Instagram account. As yoga is still an underrated and under an acknowledged form of exercise in 2019, Adell strives to inform her followers of not only yoga’s benefits of the mind but of the body as well.

She makes her living by traveling the world and offering yoga camps and online yoga courses. Along with her brief yoga posts on Instagram, she additionally makes longer yoga tutorials on Instagram TV.

Adell’s Website

Kaisa Keranen


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A post shared by Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit)

Kaisa is an Instagram fitness guru who built her online career on her degree in Exercise Science.

She posts a variety of brief Instagram videos on tutorials for advanced level HIIT, unique cardio, and weightlifting. Recently, she began expanding her online fitness career by creating and selling her own fitness classes starting at $9 per class.

Kaisa’s Website

Misty Copeland


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A post shared by Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe)

Misty has earned her online fitness career by posting videos and pictures of her life as a ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre.

She recently published her own book called Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina which is her biography about how she became the first African American female dancer with the American Ballet Theatre starting in 2015.

Follow her account for the purpose of inspiration rather than receiving workout tutorials.

Robin Arzon


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A post shared by Robin Arzón (@robinnyc)

Former lawyer Robin is now an online fitness enthusiast and a bestselling author of her book Shut Up & Run. Her primary form of fitness is running, and her Instagram page is pictures and videos of her running because after all, she’s a 26-time marathoner.

Additionally, she is the vice president and the head instructor at Peloton, a fitness equipment company that offers fitness classes as well.

Also find here on:

Robin’s Website

Fully Raw Kristina

Everyone knows that exercise doesn’t work without a healthy diet. While Kristina’s page is not entirely exercise-based, she is a fully raw vegan who frequently posts pictures and YouTube videos about using yoga, running, and boxing as her sources of exercise.

On her YouTube channel, she preaches about her daily healthy lifestyle of exercising and eating raw fruits and vegetables as the secret to her perfect health and youth.

She additionally hosts raw vegan and yoga retreats across the world. Kristina is the perfect inspiration to jump into a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s a vegan lifestyle or not.

Kristina’s Youtube Channel Kristina’s Website

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall is known as “The Beast” on his Instagram and YouTube channel.

His online fitness career focuses on his ability to lift massive amounts of weight. So much so, that often the bar that holds his weight bend. He was recognized as the world’s strongest man in 2017, and his current record for deadlifting is 500kg.

Follow his Instagram account more so for being amazed at his abilities than for inspiration to do exactly what he does.

Eddie’s Youtube Channel

Amanda Bisk


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A post shared by Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)

Former elite pole vaulter Amanda Bisk has built her online fitness career on her knowledge as an Exercise Physiologist, an Elite Athletics Coach, and a professional yoga teacher. She truly does it all, and she shares almost all of it on her Instagram page.

She shares various workout tutorials and stunning pictures of yoga poses featuring her beloved dogs. Whether you’re just interested in looking at pretty pictures or learning how to exercise, Amanda’s page is perfect for you to follow.

Hannah Bronfman

Not only is she your typical online fitness influencer, but Hannah is also the founder of HBFIT and a global Adidas ambassador. Both her Instagram and Youtube channel are dedicated to sharing her healthy and active lifestyle with her followers.

Her workout tutorials are usually a mix of HIIT, calisthenics, and your typical cardio.

Hannah’s YouTube Channel

Kenneth Gallarzo

Kenneth is an expert in bodyweight fitness who bases his online fitness career on his love for calisthenics and, more recently, yoga. His Instagram is loaded with hundreds of calisthenics and yoga tutorials if you’re not interested in typical cardio or weightlifting.

He often includes his fiancé in many of his yoga and calisthenics Instagram posts, for all you hopeless romantics out there.

Additionally, he has been known to participate in numerous Bodyweight Battles around the country as a way to promote fitness and interact with his fans, because all are welcome to join the Bodyweight Battles.

Alex Honnold


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A post shared by Alex Honnold (@alexhonnold)

Not only is Alex a rock-climbing guru, but he is also additionally the founder of the Honnold Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to promoting solar energy for a healthier, happier planet. Alex’s organization is a clear representation of what his entire lifestyle is about: getting out in nature and being active.

His Instagram is full of pictures of his excursions from around the world. He is a unique but very necessary member of the ever-expanding fitness influencer world.

His lifestyle is proof that exercise and having fun don’t have to be completely opposite ideas. His lifestyle also promotes that there are all kinds of exercise and that if something like running doesn’t work for you then something else- like rock climbing, for example- just might work for you.

Honnold Foundation: 

Kayla Itsines


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A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines)

Kayla is one of the most well-known fitness influencers on Instagram currently. She has created her very own Bikini Body Guide- which delivers incredible results in just weeks- as well as a program called Sweat Nation.

Her Instagram page is full of fitness inspiration, from transformation photos of people who have done her fitness programs to inspirational quotes, beautiful food photos, workout tutorials, and more.

More recently, she has shown her personal fitness transformation after giving birth to her first child, so it’s just like she’s transforming, progressing, and growing stronger along with the rest of her followers.

Kayla’s Sweat Nation Program

Chontel Duncan


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A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines)

Chontel is the definition of a strong, powerful woman. She’s a full-time mother of two and an online fitness enthusiast. She is additionally the co-founder of HIIT Australia- which currently has four locations- a Sweat Nation trainer, and a creator of her own training programs.

Her Instagram shows healthy meal ideas, body transformations from her clients, and of course workout tutorials and her own mirror selfies which showcase all of her hard work.

Chontel is the epitome of a strong woman and her Instagram page and lifestyle prove that.

Ronda Rousey


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A post shared by Ronda Rousey (@rondarousey)

Ronda Rousey made her way into the spotlight after she won an Olympic medal in 2008 for her passion for mixed martial arts. Her Instagram isn’t as artsy or organized as many other fitness fanatics, but it’s never a bad thing to have more real and honest influencers on social media.

Her Instagram is a mixture of pictures from her martial arts career and her life as a regular young woman who likes spending time with the animals on her acreage with her husband.

While her last major accomplishment was in 2008, Ronda doesn’t plan on stopping her active lifestyle any time soon.

Dylan Werner


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A post shared by Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga)

Dylan is an avid yogi and traveler, so following his excursions on Instagram will satisfy both the average wanderluster and the fitness guru. His Instagram pictures showcase his incredible yoga skills while his videos are typically tutorials on how to achieve impressive similar to the ones he does.

Most yogis that populate the world of Instagram are usually women, so it’s even more inspiring to have a famous male yogi who is incredibly proud of his skills. Give Dylan a follow for daily fitness, health, and travel inspiration.

Dylan’s Website

Alice Living

Alice Living was once crippled by body image insecurities paired with unhealthy food and exercise habits and now, she is a major fitness guru, podcaster, personal trainer, Women’s Health Magazine columnist, and three-time bestselling author.

Her Instagram posts are well known for their lengthy but very honest captions about her relationship with fitness and body image, as well as dreamy food pictures and quick work out tutorials.

She additionally hosts her own events called Living Well- which promote a healthy lifestyle- and she is often accompanied by other well-known fitness gurus.

Kelsey Wells


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A post shared by KELSEY WELLS (@kelseywells)

Wife and mother Kelsey Wells created her online fitness guru presence by creating training programs specifically for post-partum mothers who want their bodies lean and back in shape.

She is a certified trainer who specializes in post-natal training and her programs not only strengthen women but empower them as well. She is additionally a Sweat Nation trainer.

Her Instagram account is an all-in-one inspiring account to follow, complete with gorgeous travel inspiration photos, body transformations from her clients, mouth-watering healthy food pictures, and of course quick work out tutorials.

Kelsey’s Post Pregnancy Program

Adriene Mishler


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A post shared by Adriene Mishler (@adrienelouise)

Not only is Adriene well-known on Instagram for her graceful yoga poses, but she is well-known on YouTube too. Her motto is “Find What Feels Good,” and that could mean a variety of things in the realm of healthy living.

Ultimately, it’s a motivation for her followers to find which kinds of exercise and foods feel good to them because everybody is different and thrives on different routines. Her Instagram is a mix of beautiful yoga pictures, pictures of her dog, travel inspiration, food pictures, and motivational quotes.

Her YouTube channel, however, is dedicated to posting her real-time yoga flows so that fellow yogis can follow along.

She makes yoga tutorials for every level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced so that everyone can participate.

Adriene’s YouTube Channel Adriene’s Website

Emily Skye

Not only is Emily a fitness fanatic, but she is also a mom and a beauty guru as well.

She manages numerous Instagram accounts for makeup tutorials, fitness tutorials, and an account for her daughter Mia.

She additionally works with Women’s Best, a sportswear and sports nutrition company and owns her own app that provides meal prep ideas and training tutorials.

Her main Instagram account, however, is a mix of all her interests: selfies sporting her makeup looks, her personal fitness transformation photos, and adorable pictures of her daughter.

Whether you’re a beauty guru, fitness fanatic, foodie, or lover of cute babies, Emily’s Instagram page is for you!

Emily’s Website

Hafpor Bjornsson

When he isn’t starring on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Hafpor is usually in the gym building his massive muscles. He is 6’7” and has been named Iceland’s strongest man. He additionally sells his own fitness apparel and training programs for other passionate weightlifters out there.

His Instagram consists of videos of him lifting insane amounts of weight, traveling, and announcing his Iceland’s Strongest Man Challenge for those who want to buy tickets and attend to see his amazing strength in a person.

For the hopeless romantics, he also posts many pictures and videos with his wife Kelsey who is also a gym fanatic.

Jeanette Jenkins


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A post shared by Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

Jeanette is an expert fitness guru due to her 28 years of experience as a trainer and a health coach.

Her Instagram offers loads of exercise tips and tutorials for HIIT, cardio, and minimal weight-based stuff. She recommended a diet plan for herself and her clients is a plant-based diet (not fully vegan, just an abundance of plant-based foods), which is slowly becoming the most highly recommended diet in the fitness world.

She also promotes the concept of fat loss rather than weight loss, which is when you gain more muscle which in turns burns fat.

Jeanette promotes this idea because it provides a healthier mindset when it comes to consistent exercise and dieting, and it is also easier to achieve. Weight loss can be very inconsistent and discouraging while fat loss is consistent (with consistent exercise) and more rewarding.

Alexia Clark


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A post shared by Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)

Alexia is one of the few fitness gurus on Instagram who incorporates Christian values into her fitness lifestyle. She uses her faith in God and in Scripture as a reason to build a strong and healthy body, one that a Creator would want for everyone.

She is a certified personal trainer and a certified specialist who has additionally created her own online fitness program for her clients to follow and receive insane results.

Her Instagram account is dedicated to providing brief workout video tutorials as well as longer tutorials and gym wear on Instagram TV.

Shaun T


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A post shared by Shaun T (@shaunt)

Shaun is not only a family man but a fitness man, and his Instagram is dedicated to broadcasting both of those things.

If you’re looking for motivation to live a better life, Shaun’s platform is perfect for you because not only does he post-workout tips, he also posts body positivity related pictures for all shapes and sizes as well as the frequent, wholesome, uber-positive family picture complete with happy captions. While everyone knows that exercise is accompanied by healthy eating, Shaun also promotes treating yourself regularly for the sake of one’s mental health.

He recognizes how easy it is to fall into over-restrictive fitness and diet patterns without the occasional treat.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


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A post shared by therock (@therock)

Everyone knows who this is: the one and only The Rock who has built his cinematic career on his impressive strength and bulk for upwards of a decade without faltering.

His Instagram account isn’t focused on providing workout tips and tutorials like many other online fitness gurus.

His page is more so for fitness inspiration from his impressive physique photos while the rest of his content is dedicated to his cinematic career, family pictures, and his general lifestyle as a rich and famous person.

Brittne Babe

Her fans call her the “Queen of Home Workouts” for a reason. Her Instagram and YouTube channel promote her at-home workout tutorials to achieve a toned and athletic physique similar to her own. She additionally works with Gymshark – a popular gym wear company- and was dubbed Women’s Best Athlete.

She also hosts her own fitness classes around the country to continue her mission of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Along with her beauty, she has earned two Bachelor of Science degrees, making her the full package. Follow her Instagram and YouTube accounts for impressive physique transformations and workouts!

Check Her YouTube Channel

Stephanie Sanzo


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A post shared by STEPHANIE SANZO (@stephaniesanzo)

Not only is she a busy mother of two, but Stephanie is a powerlifter and a trainer for Sweat Nation, where she has created her own fitness program. Her Instagram account is solely dedicated to showing off her muscular curves and what she does to earn them.

Additionally, Stephanie adds very positive and motivational captions to all of her fitness posts to encourage others to push past the pain and failure and to get active.

Most of her workout videos on Instagram are powerlifting related if that’s not your thing she has some basic exercises too. Either way, Stephanie’s page is a good one to follow this year!

Linn Lowes


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A post shared by LINN LOWES – WORKOUTS (@linnlowes)

Linn is a touch chick for many reasons. One is the fact that she’s a cancer survivor which no doubt inspired her to aim for the healthiest and most active life possible.

Linn is also a certified personal trainer and the creator of her own fitness app, Fit Plan, who focuses her Instagram posts on how to have the best workout possible by giving specific directions on classic fitness moves to work the right muscles.

For example, while almost everyone knows how to do a squat, most people don’t do it with the right form which ultimately doesn’t work the muscles it’s supposed to. Linn provides the best advice on how to put in the right work to get the physique you want!

Katie Crew


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A post shared by Katie Crewe (@katiecrewe)

Katie is a certified nutrition and fitness coach, a creator of her own workout plans, and she manages a separate Instagram account for food inspiration.

However, for her main fitness Instagram page, it is full of workout tutorials and her personal body transformation from her past 8 years of exercising.

Also, each post has a really motivational caption to keep you going in your own personal fitness journey. If that’s not enough motivation for you, Katie frequently makes Instagram stories covering a number of topics such as: FAQs, food macros, chats about cardio, and chats about toning.

Christmas Abbott

Christmas is a CrossFit competitor, an Olympic lifter, and a NASCAR pit crew member.

She really does it all. Naturally, her Instagram page is a mixture of all of these components of her life. There are a ton of pictures and videos of her lifting insanely heavyweights, climbing up ropes, running, hanging out at the NASCAR track, and there are a few pictures of her super cute baby sprinkled in there.

Christmas is one of many strong, powerful women that populate the fitness fanatic part of Instagram.

Cassey Ho


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A post shared by Cassey Ho (@blogilates)

Also known as Blogilates, Cassey made her online fitness career by putting “exercise” and “fun” in the same category. Cassey specializes in pop Pilates, which is a low impact exercise that can be a mixture of yoga, calisthenics, and a bit of dancing just for fun.

Her Instagram page is more of what internet people would call “artsy” and “aesthetic,” AKA not so fitness tutorial heavy. However, on her YouTube channel, Cassey uploads tons of Pilates tutorials as well as general health and fitness tips! Check it out!

Cassey’s YouTube Channel

Time To Hit The Gym!

Well, there you have it, a list of 30 people who are bound to motivate, inspire and help you become a better version of yourself. Follow the ones you like or follow them all.

If you think someone is worthy to be in this list, feel free to drop a comment below and share their Insta account.

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